Leisurely Pace | Low-heeled Sandals

19 October 2014

I go extremes with foot wear-- sky-high stilletos and flat ballet slippers/sandals. Lately though I've noticed an abundance of sandals with a modest block heel. I prefer wearing sandals when I do my Christmas shopping but they're not exactly the most comfortable when you've been hopping from one shop to another. I don't know if that's just me but walking for a long time in really flat shoes make my legs and feet hurt. I'm considering getting a pair of these low-heeled sandals that meld comfort and style-- just before I start with Christmas shopping. Here are some of my picks:

2. Spring Fling Lucy Heeled Sandals in Off-White, P999

Living Room Essentials

19 October 2014

I never liked living rooms that are too stiff-- those that seem so perfect rather than give off a lived in feel. Since most visitors spend majority of the time in the living room (dining second!), it's imperative that the living room is homey. A sofa, a coffee table, a console, and other chairs are not enough-- some decorative elements are necessary to make the living room more inviting. I used to frown whenever I'd get scented candles as a gift, but as I've gotten older I've realized how candles can vastly set the mood in a room-- and make it smell amazing. Stacking books is a great way to spruce up the coffee and side tables but make sure to choose books that are heavy on pictures rather than texts since you won't expect visitors to stay in your living room and read a novel. 

Here are a few of my living room essentials: 

1. Amber Lights Laguna Soya Candle in Oakmoss and Amber, roughly P400.

3. Giclee Print, P1173,31

6. Heima MY APT Pillow in distressed leather, P2200

11. Home Style by City, P1125

I'd like to know, what are your living room essentials?

Curated Links

17 October 2014

3. Love to doodle? Can  you doodle on an entire car?

4. Adorable video of a pug refusing to go to sleep!

5. The best denim guide I've come across.

6. Considering changing up your look? Try one of these three hairstyles for fall.

DIY Muted Coral Lip

15 October 2014

Do you have that lipcolor that you've gotten tired of or maybe you got it as a gift and it's not so appealing on you? I never like chucking out makeup products (which is why cleaning my makeup drawer can be really tough!) especially lipstick so I got two lip colors that I don't use much anymore and blended those two to get a muted coral lip color that I've been looking for FOR AGES.


For my muted lip color DIY I blended Revlon's Smoked Peach and NYX's Femme in a small dish and let that melt together over a flame. Constant stirring is necessary so the colors will blend evenly. 

Put your blended lip color in a small pot (I got mine from Beabi) and set it aside to cool. As it hardens the lipcolor will smoothen to the natural texture of lip color in a tube. I suggest using a lip brush for easier application.

Seven Things

14 October 2014

{cutest baby pumpkins!}

Halloween is already in full swing! I've never been this excited about Halloween since the last time I went trick-or-treating in a ghost costume. I think what makes this year different is the possibility of having my pug Porkchop in a costume! Suggestions for her Halloween costume are most welcome. Hope you had a great weekend x

{the  most flattering eye palette care of Inglot's Freedom System}

{Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is the cutest pastry store ever. And they have the best Banoffee in a jar!}

{Festive confetti nails c/o Cutex}

{cute bag tag that reminds me to continue working on my blog}

{eucalyptus leaves in lieu of flowers-- I love the fresh scent!}

{bedside scent: Amber Lights Laguna's Scotch Pine which is a perfect complement to the scent from the eucalyptus leaves}

Stacked Books

13 October 2014

I've accumulated a lot of books over the years and my shelves have already run out of space to accommodate them. Fortunately though, nowadays its perfectly acceptable to display books-- whether stacked in no particular order in a  book case, as side tables, as decorative accents on coffee tables, or stacked into a pillar-- stacked books collected over the years can be great conversation starters and an economical way to decorate your home. 

Images via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

DIY Glitter Mousepad

11 October 2014

The convenience of using a laptop cannot be questioned, however sometimes I find that the touchpad can be a pain to work with. A mouse allows me to have control on the screen especially when I'm using Photoshop. Most of the mousepads I've seen in the market are way too stiff or way too childish for my liking, which is why I thought of creating a mousepad that is more reflective of me and will brighten up my work space. 

Things you'll need: Glue, Glitters in the color of your choice, paint brush, cork board cut in you preferred shape. Make sure you cover your work space with scratch papers so it'll be easier to clear the space of glitters afterwards.

Step 1: Using your paintbrush, coat the entire cork board with glue then sprinkle with glitters. If you're using gold, make sure to put a lot so it won't just blend in with the natural color of the cork. Set that aside for 30 minutes to an hour to allow the glue to dry.

Step 2: Once the glue on the corkboard has dried, mix glue and a bit of water in a container. Apply that on your corkboard. This will help seal in the glitter. Set that aside again to allow the glue to dry.

et voila. Easy right?
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