Muscle Beach

30 October 2014

{Bazaar Find Muscle Shirt, Forever 21 Pink Cami and faux Ostrich Clutch, Jag Distressed Jeans, CMG Sandals, Sunnies Studio Sunglasses, DCG Fashion Art Deco Necklace}

Last time I wore this cotton muscle shirt was back in the summer. The beach print is perfect for the season and the low cut armpit holes make it extra breezy. It's been pretty hot in Manila lately so I've been resorting to light tops. Since this muscle shirt is way too cute to be kept in the closet, I thought I'd start wearing it again for chill weekends.

Curated Links

30 October 2014

2. Layered Necklace that will spruce up even the simplest outfits (I'm looking at you plain tops and distressed jeans)

3. Best. Music Video. EVER.

4. Chicest Towels for a powder room.

5. 3 Tips to arrange succulents. I'm going to try these once I'm pretty sure I can keep a succulent alive.

Last Minute DIY Halloween Decor

29 October 2014

Halloween is in two days!  We're having a small get-together in our home for halloween so easy decor is definitely in order. I don't intend to go all out on bats, skeletons, etc -- just little details on the table and around the living room to make our home halloween party-ready. For those of you who still haven't prepped your homes for halloween here are some  last minute DIY projects.

Seven Things

28 October 2014

{Pumpkin baskets for trick-or-treaters}

I always love this time of year. Sure work and school tasks start to pile up this time of year, but it's so hard not to notice that days are becoming more festive. Nights are longer, the weather is more chilly, and homes in our village are slowly setting up sparkly lights. The passing of All Souls' Day usually signals that we start decorating the house with Christmas decor, but I think for this year we will be setting up a Christmas tree much earlier. Hope you had a good weekend!

{Cheese shopping}

{New sunnies from Sunnies Studios}

{crazy yummy Shanghai Buns from Luk Yuen}

{midi sparkler}

{Caramel with Fleur de Sel Macaron from Bizu Patisserie}

{short walk with the boyfriend under the shade of Acacia Trees in our Alma Mater, UP Diliman}

Graphic Tee Redux

27 October 2014

My college uniform consisted of jeans, flip-flops, and a lot of graphic T-shirts. I incessantly stocked up on graphic T-shirts back in college because walking around a huge campus meant putting comfort way before style. Though the number of graphic shirts in my closet have significantly declined in the years following my college graduation, I can't help but scoop one up especially if it has an interesting print on it. Whenever I do end up wearing a graphic shirt on chill weekends, I make sure I elevate my usual undergrad look with better footwear (bye flip-flops) and a statement necklace or stacks of dainty jewelry. Here are some of my current graphic top picks:

1. Uniqlo Marilyn Monroe Short Sleeve T-shirt, P690

2. Plain & Prints Top Line Shirt, P1,298

3. Uniqlo Lulu Guinness Short Sleeve T-shirt, P690

4. River Island Gray Floral Raglan Sleeve T-shirt, P1,560

5. Sparkle and Fade by Fiji Flower City Muscle Shirt, P750

Home Inspiration | Blooms and Indoor Plants

24 October 2014

Many years ago, I never understood why my Mom would insist we have flowers and indoor plants in the house--she got mad when I would play with the leaves of said plants. I didn't understand why she and my aunts would lose it when they would pass by a store selling plants. And how they would talk non-stop about which plant to put where, what plant they should get, etc. Fast forward to the present though, I've now realized how a vase of blooms and indoor plants can bring life to a home. This home exemplifies just that-- the house is peppered with blooms and little potted plants that complement the white and minimalist interiors. 

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Flouncy Skirt

24 October 2014

{Hanes V-neck T-shirt, Bazaar Find Skirt, Forever 21 T-strap sandals, CMG Bag, Ray-Ban Outdoorsman}

The persistent heat in Manila has reinforced me to just opt for casual and breezy uniform for weekends-- Enter, lots of loose T-shirts and skirts. I got this neoprene skirt from a bazaar many months ago and I love its unconventional material. Most of my skirts are breezy, light-weight cotton or chiffon so neoprene was a welcome change. I love the floral prints on the white background and how the neoprene material really gives the skirt structure. 

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