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16 January 2015

I am a huge fan of Lauren Conrad (I can't state that enough in my St. Style Crush feature of her HERE). I was an avid fan of hers from her Laguna Beach days and onto the Hills. I love that she was able to break away from the perception of reality stars and used her fame to set up her own brand. I'd describe Lauren's style as girly, but I love that her office space for Paper Crown melds the girly-ness of her style with industrial. The Office Peek of Paper Crown encapsulates how a rented space can still be spruced up using carefully selected decor. 

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Curated Links

15 January 2015

1. I love this printable weekly To Do List. It's available for download in colored and black & white. 

2. I've always given preference to a white and bright kitchen, this "dark" kitchen however has made me consider a kitchen with darker tones and gold accents. I love the dark brick wall!

3. Barry the Pug takes a bath! I wonder why my puggy Porkchop doesn't enjoy baths as much as Barry does!

4. A guide on designing your vanity table. Check out my vanity table inspo post HERE.

5. I love this list of motivational quotes, which I've stumbled upon at the most opportune moment.

6. The most beautiful loft showroom. I'd buy everything there if I could! All the decor AND the loft. 

Vanity Table Inspiration

14 January 2015

As someone who is very interested in beauty products (borderline obsessed, actually), a vanity table is a must. I know some girls who prefer putting on makeup in the bathroom, but unless the bathroom has sufficient natural light, I suggest setting up a makeshift vanity table somewhere else. My bathroom light is pretty harsh and makes me put on more makeup than necessary so I've placed my vanity table beside a bedroom window. I am averse to the idea of buying a dresser or a vanity table if you don't have one yet. My suggestion is to find a table wide enough to accommodate your beauty essentials, and look for a mirror and with an interesting design. Here are photos that will give you an idea as to how to make your own makeshift vanity table: 

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Golden Globes 2015 | Favorite Looks

12 January 2015

{Emma Stone in Lanvin}

The Golden Globes started just around the time I was leaving for work. I thought about coming in late for work because apart from the Red Carpet Looks, I was excited to see how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would fare as hosts (they were hilarious and witty, of course) and I wanted to see if House of Cards (OBSESSED) would take home some awards. Of course the good employee in me decided against coming in late so I had to settle for late articles on the winners and losers, and the red carpet looks. In no particular order, here are my favorite looks:

{Sienna Miller in Miu Miu}

{Amal Clooney (I LOVE HER SO MUCH. #LIFEGOALS) in Dior Haute Couture}

{Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead}

{Emily Blunt in Michael Kors}

{Dakota Johnson in Chanel}

Which were your favorite looks?

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Seven Things

12 January 2015

{Cafe Breton's Poseidon: Smoked salmon, dill sauce, sour cream + capers}

The week following the holidays had gone by so fast. On Monday I felt so sluggish going back to the office... but on hindsight it was nice to get back into the routine. I've been living in pajamas for majority of the holidays so I'm thrilled to have an excuse to wake up early and dress up again. I'm also thrilled that Manila traffic has gone back to its normal state. I can't believe we're nearly mid-way through January and looking back I'm happy I haven't deviated from my 2015 Resolutions *yet*. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! x

{A sweet Christmas gift from a workmate}

{sun came out for Sunset after a gloomy and rainy day}

I gave up on this succulent after the plant broke off when my cat sat on it (!!!). My mom (thankfully) refused to throw it out and after a few weeks we noticed that the plant continued to live and there were smaller plants blooming from the stem. xx

{While all other malls were quick to put away Christmas decor, Rustan's Makati remains festive}

{Honeydew wrapped in prosciutto}

{my little alarm in the morning: my puggy, Porckhop}

White & Leopard

10 January 2015

{Sunnies Studios Sunglasses, Hanes V-neck T-shirt, Department Store White Denim Pants and Studded Chain Bag, Bazaar Find Navy Blazer, Parisian Leopard Print Flats}

Up until last week I've avoided going out in an all white ensemble because I have a strong tendency to get a stain or two when I'm in white. Eating lunch meant steering clear of food that will leave a noticeable mark on my clothes. To break the monotony of the look I wore a navy blazer and topped that off with printed flats from Parisian. The flats were a steal but they were a pain to break into :( I had blisters after walking around in them :(

Fonts to Download

09 January 2015

Lately I've been considering switching up my blog's look starting with the header. While I was searching for the best font however, I came across some great looking fonts that can be used to spruce up blog posts. Now I can't make up my mind as to which font to use for the header... Do you think I should change my header or stick with the one I have now? 

Here are some of the fonts I've found. They're all free!

1. Little Days by West Wind Fonts | 2. DaunPenh | 3. CAC Champagne by American Greetings Corporation | 4. Pablo by Paul Wilde L'Heureux | 5. Sail by Latinotype | 6. Onyx by The Monotype Corporation | 7. Little Lord Fontleroy NF by Nick's Fonts | 8. Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck | 9. Parisienne by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute | 10. Learning Curve Pro by Blue Vinyl Fonts | 11. Bodoni MT | 12. Canter Bold Shadow by Christopher J. Lee

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