Street Style Crush || Christine Centenera

17 December 2014

Christine Centenera is one to watch during Fashion Week. Her style is always on point and she can meld items beautifully that will make you wonder why you haven't thought of doing the same. Her style is very edgy and her shoe game is impeccable-- I've yet to see her in flats! Lately I've been seeing photos of her wearing long skirts that hover a few inches above her ankles. I'd normally steer clear of skirts of this length because they do a great job of making me look even shorter, but taking a cue from Christine Centenera by opting for long skirt with a different shape or with a slit and pairing that with statement heels will look good.

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Home Inspiration || Pops of Color and Prints

16 December 2014

The best way to cure a boring white wall is to bring in colorful and patterned pieces that will inject life into different rooms in your home. This apartment of Paris is a perfect proof of that. Of course the high ceiling helps liven the place up by flooding it with light. Not feeling to sure about bringing in color? Stick with a palette. The striking colors used here by the decorator are deep magenta and aqua-- pretty strong colors blended with white walls and subtle prints. 

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Taking a little Break

17 November 2014

... For this week and probably the next! The first semester for this academic year is coming to a close and I'll be devoting more time to the conclusion of my research proposal, which I will be defending in five days' time. The final version of which will be submitted a week after. I won't be posting as often as I have in the past few months but I will make sure to have a post up twice or thrice a week. Wish me luck in my research proposal! Have a great week ahead x

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Curated Links

14 November 2014

1. I love this mobile coffee shop idea. I sincerely hope it will one day decide to park at UP Diliman, too. 

4. A better way to introduce friends (forget about each other's occupation for a while-- leave that to them when they start a conversation).

5. Easy DIY to update a blanket that's perfect for the cooler weather (and for sleeping in).

6. Stretches for people who spend most of the time behind a desk

Holiday Must Haves

12 November 2014

Each morning it gets so much harder to get out of bed because of the cooler weather. On most mornings I prefer to just keep hitting snooze when my alarm goes off because it feels so nice to just curl up in bed and sleep (the one thing that makes me get out of bed fast lately is my looming deadline for a research proposal). The cooler weather also means I can get away with layering clothes and using my jackets which are kept waaay back in my closet most of the year (that is if I opt to not stay in pajamas at home). For the Holidays this year, here are some of the things on my wish list:

1. Zalora Cape Jacket in Off White, P949

2. Uniqlo Mohair Blend Sweater in Off White, P1290

3. MAC Rebel (Satin), P1000

4. Zara Leopard Print Medium Heel in Calf Hair finish, P3995

5. Fashion Hub by Dayan Hernandez Miley Leather Skater Skirt, P950

6. Zara Soft Leather Bowling Bag, P4995

Seven Things

11 November 2014

{quick trip to Tagaytay for the weekend}

I spent a huge chunk of my weekend in Tagaytay so this week's installment of Seven Things is largely influenced by that. I tend to remember trips I've taken by the food I've eaten and Bag of Beans is surely burned in my memory and in my belly. I'm sure I'll be taking another trip there real soon because I'm already craving for their strawberry cheesecake which is the best cheesecake EVER. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

{yummy, yummy coffee: Bag of Beans' Caramel Cappucino}

{Ilog Maria's Green Tea and Honey Soap smells AMAZING. I'll be hoarding these soon for the home and to give away as gifts}

{Breakfast for Champs: Bag of Beans' Steak and Gravy Pie and Country Breakfast}

{Sky Eye at Sky RanchTagaytay}

{bust to keep necklaces untangled}

{sparkly, festive nails}

Street Style Crush || Hanneli Mustaparta

10 November 2014

No fashion week coverage would be complete without photos of Hanneli Mustaparta going to or coming out from shows. Mustaparta is a photographer, stylist, former model, and blogger behind Hanneli. Her no-nonsense style reminds me so much of Alexa Chung's. She's constantly toting cute bags (I really don't understand how some girls can go out with just a small bag) and always in amazing shoes. 

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