'Ber' Month Pickings

15 September 2014

Cooler weather brought by the 'ber' months signals the time to change up the wardrobe. Chiffon tops and flowy skirts are pushed back in the closet while clothes made of thicker material are brought to the forefront. I have a growing stack of sweaters in neutral colors, but I think it's about time I brought in some color into the mix. Jeans are a staple regardless of season, but boyfriend jeans that are slouchy but fitted in all the right places is in order. Comfort is key when you start shopping for Christmas gifts, which is also why I'm trading in heels for comfy flats. To spruce up outfits I'll be sporting glittery neck pieces and nail polish, and a festive red lip. What'll be in your 'ber' month picks?

1. Uniqlo Crew Neck Sweater in Pink, PHP 1290

2. Mango Boyfriend Nancy Jeans with detachable suspenders, PHP 2950

3. Art Deco-Inspired Something Borrowed Necklace, PHP 599

4. EZRA Pointed D'Orsay Flats in Beige, PHP 799

5. Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish in Dream Sequins, PHP 300

6. MAC Ruby Woo, PHP 1000

A Few of my Favorite Rings

13 September 2014

Most people who know me quite well are fully aware that there must be something wrong withe  me if I don't have accessories on--especially rings. Many of the rings I wear very often are those that were given by people special to me. For as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated with rings. I'd like to think that it has something to do with my obsession over nail polishes, too. I have funny bony hands and the means by which I compensate for that is to make my hands pretty. A few years ago I was very much into cocktail rings, now though I'm leaning towards more dainty pieces which can be worn alone or stacked.

{Sunburst ring, silver ring from my boyfriend, gold ring from my Daddy}

{Midi rings from Forever 21}

I wrestled with the idea of buying these rings for a few weeks before I finally took the plunge. It was great that I didn't buy them right away because a few weeks after they were already marked down! The original price was P225 and I got them for P65. Thank you, Forever 21.

In Defense of Pearls

13 September 2014

I used to work in an organization that paid close attention to details, maintained protocol, and upheld social graces. One time during an event someone from the office asked me if I was already married. This threw me off and I responded no and immediately asked why. The man-- an expert on protocol, social graces, and power dressing-- responded that pearls are meant to be worn by married women. I avoided wearing pearls for a time because of that remark. But I missed how a pair of pearl studs in enough to make you look elegant. Pearls, as long as you stick with the off-white kind (whether it be fresh or sea water), can effortlessly brighten up your face better than gold, silver or even diamond studs.
{highly covetable Mise en Dior earrings}

I'd like to know-- what's your take on pearls? 

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Little Lace

10 September 2014

{Bazaar find top, Bazaar find denim cutoffs, department store find clutch, Tonic Arianna shoes}

I love buying versatile pieces that I can use for work or for going out on weekends. I bought this top (Previously seen HERE) at a bazaar and I love that it never fails to get compliments. With this top minimal accessories are required especially around the neck area-- I went overboard on my wrist though. The top is on the sheer side but the collar, intricate woven lace details and pretty scalloped hem balances that out.

What's in my bag? {Grad School Ed.}

09 September 2014

{Grad School essentials}

I've broken many bags in the past for lugging too much stuff with me when I go to school-- this trait of mine carried on into graduate school and brought with it so much back pain. Juggling work and school is tough for sure and one thing I had to learn is to declutter. I have a separate bag for work and for school which I'm slowly learning to just fill in with the essentials (Not included in the photograph: occasional mountain of printed readings). I need a bag and the essentials which will keep me focused on school and not veering off towards work.

1. Notebooks. I used to have just one notebook for all my classes until one of my professors suggested that the class keep separate notebooks for classes-- I was more than willing to oblige. These Muji notebooks are great since the pages are thick and you can doodle on the cover.

2. Highlighter. For highlighting salient features on readings. I'm partial to the yellow highlighter from Faber Castell because it's crazy bright.

3. Pens. I love pens. I keep different colored pens with me for taking down notes, for scribbling on margins of articles, doodling, etc.

4. Flash Drive. For when I need to copy a presentation of a classmate or to get a copy of some reading materials.

5. Shawl. Classrooms can be pretty chilly! Especially for evening classes. Sweaters can be quite bulky in the bag so thick shawls are your best bet.

6. and 7. I like to keep my loose change and small bills in a coin purse so I don't need to whip out my big wallet for paying for photocopying services, etc.

8. Umbrella. For when the weather gets bi-polar and rain showers greet you on your way to school or on your way back home.

9. Candy. THIS IS A MUST-HAVE. Classes are usually three hours long and most professors do not give breaks. When the brain has ceased to function and sleep starts to consume your entire self, candy is necessary. Classmates will thank you if you have enough for the class. I'm partial to chewy candy and chocolates.

10. Mirror. For when you need to check if you have ink or whatever kind of dirt on your face. Or when you have something wedged between your teeth if you like to munch in class like me.

11. Lip balm. Chilly rooms will make your lips dry. Lip balm will be your friend. 

12. and 13. Classrooms make me pale. Is it the lighting? Or the nerves? Or perhaps the evening classes make me so tired. To combat looking like I'm not interested in the class I just pat a bit of cheek tint on and a swipe of this balm stain

14. Oil Control Film. I use this prior to getting to class. My face is oily most of the time so to combat the shine I've accumulated in transit, I keep these at hand.

15. Hand Sanitizer. To clean my hands before I eat. (See no. 9)

16. Tablet. For reading materials and for viewing presentations. And quick surfing when you need information ASAP.

17. Power Bank. My phone (which is already begging for a replacement) has a pathetic battery life so constant charging is necessary.

18. Phone. Of course. 

I'd like to know, for those of you who are in graduate school-- do you keep a different bag for school? What are your essentials?

Seven Things

08 September 2014

{Shimmery Desk Decor: A glittery owl with bead accents}

It's funny how days seem to zoom past you once the 'ber' months start. I'm not complaining that we're inching closer and closer to Christmas, but with all the deadlines looming I wish time would slow down a tiny bit. As I've gotten older I've understood what my elders have said in the past about how 24 hours seem insufficient to accomplish everything you need to do in a day. Though sometimes I feel like kicking myself for gobbling up more than I can chew (I'm looking at you graduate school), I'm kind of glad that it has somehow taught me to manage my time better and sneak in a bit of reading when I have free time even though I'm in a noisy place-- something I could not do when I was an undergrad. Have a productive week ahead!

{Punchy Coral: Essie's Tart Deco}

{Bloom Pickings}

{New prints from Gerome Soriano Studio}

{Tiny candle from Alice Blue that floods my room with a soft rose scent}

{White mums for my dresser}

{Cheers to fusions that work: Theo & Philo's Dark Chocolate + Siling Labuyo}
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