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19 April 2014

{Two prints sourced online which figure prominently on my vanity table. 5R Black frames with borders are from SM Dept. Store, priced at P199.75 ea}

I grew up in a home where Art was much appreciated; my parents had a modest collection of paintings of which I have yet to emulate. This summer vacation I made a resolution of sorts to do a serious spring cleaning and to spruce up my room a bit. The sprucing up bit is still a long process but I've already added a few elements to give my room a different feel: photos I've sourced online which I have placed in frames with wide borders. I'm considering having a gallery wall with different photos/prints in different frame sizes and designs so I'm looking out for other prints I can get. Meanwhile, here are my favorite print finds:

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18 April 2014

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4. I'm in the phase of growing out my bangs and waiting can be quite annoying.. So in the meantime, I'll be doing this to style my bangs.

5. This technique makes studying a hell of a lot easier. Heck yeah to many breaks. 

6. Design tips and tricks to make creativity flow better in your work space.

Robin's Egg Nails

16 April 2014

I wanted to have an Easter-themed post on the blog-- I thought about making Easter eggs but then again, there aren't any kids at home that would appreciate them. While doing my research however, I chanced upon images of Robin's Egg candies for Easter, but since I couldn't do that-- I thought I'd recreate a Robin's egg-- on my nails.

Baby Blue Polish
Black and White Glitters
Paint brush
Top Coat

1. After prepping your nails for polish (I posted my quick DIY mani HERE), paint two coats of baby blue polish. It's okay to go beyond the nails-- you can clean that up after. 

2. Mix you black and white glitter then dab those onto your nails. Make sure to do this quickly so that the nail polish will still be wet and the glitters could adhere better. 

3. Seal in your glitters with top coat.

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