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28 August 2014

1. Got too tweezer-happy and over-plucked your brows rendering you looking surprised all the time? Here's a tutorial on how to disguise over-plucked brows.

2. For several years I was really down/went through a quarter life crisis. I was unhappy with my job, I felt I haven't accomplished anything when I was already in my mid-20s, etc. I'm glad I got through that already, bringing with me many lessons. For those of you who are going through that, here's an article that will hopefully help you get through the quarter life crisis.

3. Elevate the grilled cheese sandwich with this Nacho Grilled Cheese recipe.

4. Feeling crabby? These could be the surprising reasons for your foul mood.

5. Great art and great home. Can i live here?  

Products We Finish

28 August 2014

I love experimenting with beauty products and while there are some that made me question why I bought them in the first place, there are those that I finish fast and would restock up on soon. Enter, Maybelline Baby Lips and Snoe Intense PM Repair

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Velvet - Maybelline is my go-to brand for makeup; the products are of great quality and are reasonably priced. So when the brand came out with a lip balm (which I'm always in need of because of my perpetually chapped lips), I tried it out. It works great compared to other more expensive lip balms (even better than my tube of Papaw Ointment) and is available EVERYWHERE. I actually bought this at Mercury Drug, but I've seen it in supermarkets! Sadly though, this particular variant is a limited edition.

If you love the scent of cherry, you would have loved this. It smells amazing and keeps your lips looking smooth and has a bit of sheen. I apply it when my lips are really chapped and it moisturizes it instantly. I'm going to try another variant soon.

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair - I'm lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair especially since no matter what I do it just falls limp even after a gazillion products. I also had a bad habit of reaching for an elastic you normally see in the office to tie my hair (hello, split ends!). I wasn't really looking for a hair product to address the split ends and I was adamant to join the Argan Oil craze, but after the salesperson pointed out how dry my hair was, I thought okay I'll give this a try since all other Snoe products I've tried ACTUALLY WORKED. 

This is meant for the evening but I use it in the morning. While my hair is still damp, I spritz this all over concentrating on the sad ends of my hair. What I love about this product is it does not leave an oily trace on my head once it has dried (something I absolutely hate about leave-in conditioners and other similar no-rinse products). AND IT MADE MY SPLIT ENDS GO AWAY. Note that I did not use hair conditioner. Just shampoo and this. 

Favorite Looks from the 2014 Emmy Awards

27 August 2014

The Emmys is always a thrill to watch because of the anticipation of which shows will win and also because it's nice to see your favorite characters/actors in a different light. The boys clean up alright but it's really what the girls are wearing that we take note of. I still have a soft spot for cropped tops so it's a pleasant surprise that there were girls who donned it for the event. My absolute favorite look was Sarah Hyland's-- I love that she had a full on princess skirt and balanced that out with a bit of skin from the cropped top. Second favorite would be Michelle Dockerty's peek-a-boo dress. Michelle Dockerty always looks so elegant and fresh!

Which look is your favorite?

{Michelle Dockerty in Rosie Assoulin}

{Sarah Hyland in Christian Siriano}

{Louise Roe in Monique Lhullier}

{Kate Walsh in Stephane Rolland Haute Couture}

{Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli Couture}

Images via 1 | 2 | 3

Seven Things

26 August 2014

{Pretty white mums with light pink inner petals}

Going to work after a 5-day weekend is tough-- but it gets better when despite the traffic situation you manage to get to work safely and steer clear of annoying drivers; you get to work later than usual and see that in a full parking lot, there remains that one vacant spot that's slightly elevated in an area that's flooded; and when you get to the office you're greeted with chocolate-filled marshmallows. Thank goodness for great mornings.

{Yummy Mini Stop Find: Sour, seedless tamarind candy}

{Revlon's Flirt accentuated with Color Club Silver polish}

{Grateful for the beautiful weather when my brother took his entrance exam in UST}

{Pretty top with intricate woven details I got for cheap at a bazaar}

{OBSESSED with this game}

{notepad wisdom}

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

My Instagram Crushes

25 August 2014

{ by @parkncube }

Instagram is a great place to draw inspiration from--that is if you're following a handful of accounts that show great photography. It's also a great place to stalk your crush-- just as long as his or her account is not set to private. While I am now following more than 300 Instagram accounts now, I sometimes tend to veer away from my feed to go directly to my Instagram crushes. In no particular order they are:

{ @heltenkelt }

{ What to expect: #interiordesign and #nature }

{ @jennetsaitquoi }

{ What to expect: #typography and #lettering }

{ @parkncube }

{ What to expect: #fashion, #greatbreakfastspots, #beauty, #style, and LOTS OF AMAZING PHOTOS }

Shini Park is the woman behind the amzaing shots on @parkncube. I've been following her blog for years because of her great style wonderfully captured in photos. Her Instagram account is the first one I searched for when I set up my account. Do visit her blog! You'll love her witty entries.

{ @thisisglamorous }

{ What to expect: #places, #spaces, #flowers, #food, and #style }

{ @morningslikethese }

{ What to expect: #greatmornings, #coffee, and #spaces }

{ @thepinkdiary }

{ What to expect: #pink, #treats, and #style }

{ @mrpaddingtonbear }

{ What to expect: #cat, #style, #food, and #spaces }

I may or may not have followed this account primarily because of the cutest, chubbiest, fluffiest cat photos.

Operation Organization: Free Printable To do Lists

23 August 2014

I have a slight obsession with making lists on a daily basis. Prior to getting to the office, I've already made a mental list whilst taking a shower, having my coffee, and driving to work. So by the time I get to my workspace I'd be scribbling down a long list of things to do for the day. I often just make a checklist on whatever scratch paper I can find-- not very appealing. So in order to make daily to do lists more appealing, I've compiled a few of them that look good, and are free and printable.

1. Stop Procrastinating Action List from Barefoot Basics - This seems perfect for office use. Apart from the usual list for tasks, there are categories such as ASAP, Calls/Emails, and Follow-up.

2. Chalkboard Style To do List from Botanical Paperworks Blog - Perfect if you want just one sheet for your things to do for the entire week. It's basically a weekly checklist with a small part for some notes.

3. Weekly to do List from A Pair of Pears - similar to the one by Botanical Paperworks. Great idea to stick the checklist to a clipboard then hang it or have it lean somewhere you can easily see.

4. Daily Calendar from DIY Home Sweet Home - Colorful to do list that also includes tasks that you have to do in the morning and before bed. It also has a part to monitor water intake and things to be thankful for.

5. Daily Command Center Printable from Back to her Roots - a "lite planner" with a schedule, a chart to take note of how much water you've consumed and a part for noting what to do the following day. I love that this comes in different colors. 

Denim on Denim

22 August 2014

{Department Store Blouse, Jag Jeans, Tonic Arianna Shoes, Forever 21 Clutch}

As we get deeper into the rainy season, the more the weather has turned bipolar. Dressing up can be so annoying because as you move from one city to another the weather is different. Last Sunday was a testament to that; it was drizzling when I got dressed up in Las Pinas but it was sunny when we got to Alabang. Luckily the denim top I had on is extremely lightweight and it pretty breezy though it's denim. Plus points: I bought it for cheap at the department store. 

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