Beauty Review || MAC Ruby Woo

Been a while since I used red lipstick! MAC's Russian Red used to be my favorite but my tube had to retire so I thought of trying MAC's Ruby Woo. I was in the market for a retro, very pin-up girl kind of red and research has led me to Ruby Woo.

MAC describes Ruby Woo as: "Very matte vivid blue-red [Retro Matte]". Retro Matte is right. The red shade on this one is such a classic. I get a lot of compliments when I have this on! It really helps brighten up my face even though I've just groomed my brows and just had this on. The classic red helps you look put together. 

Right of the tube it looks too glossy red, but once you put it on... it's the best retro red lip I've tried. If you're familiar with matte MAC lipsticks you know that their matte variants can be really drying. This is no exception. I tried this on in a freezing MAC counter and there was significant tugging involved to get the product completely on my lips. So moisturizing your lips is necessary before you put this on.

What I love about red lipsticks-- MAC red lipsticks in particular, is that after much gabbing, eating and drinking, the color fades a bit but leaves a very nice stain on the lips. When I want it to last really long though, I put on two layers, and with a tissue on my lips I dust loose powder on it. 

+ excellent color payoff
+ leaves a nice stain on the lips as opposed to other red lipsticks that fade away completely or leave a liner-like stain around the lips
+ a little goes a long way, one swipe is enough-- you can layer on though if you want the product to last longer on your lips
+ doesn't melt on the tube! I have a bunch of lip products that could not withstand the recent Manila heat. This one was unfazed by all that though-- if anything it made application a lot more smoother/easier.

- some might find this a bit pricey (it retails for P1000 in MAC Counters)
- very drying

Will I buy this again?
Definitely! If you love a retro, very matte red lip, this is the product to get. It's such a classic red lipstick. 

How does it compare to MAC Russian Red?
MAC Russian Red is a bluish-red lip too but it on the darker side. You can read up on my review on MAC Russian Red HERE

Vested Interest

{Uniqlo Linen Shirt, Terranova Oversized Vest, SM Department Store White Distressed Mini Skirt, Tonic Lace Up Flats}

I've been looking for an oversized vest for months before I saw this in Terranova. I loved it so much that I also got it in white. I love that the fabric is not so flimsy, it's made like an oversized blazer sans sleeves. I can finally get away with layering since it's much cooler now. 

Five Things

{new catchall for my rings from H&M}

A few weeks ago I was allowed to go on leave from work for a week-- It was a welcome change to my routine of getting up early and getting home so late. I normally clock in at around 9 a.m., clock out at around 7 p.m., and due to traffic I'd get home from work at around close to 9 p.m. So a week of sleeping in and doing nothing seemed like a pretty good idea. That was until around Day 2. I was done with errands so I had a lot of free time on my hands-- it drove me crazy to not have a purpose everyday! Fast forward to the week after, I was more than happy to be back in the office, and *kind of* swamped with work again, AND feeling fulfilled that I got to accomplish something at the end of a long day. Sometimes it just takes a switch up in routine to change your perspective on things.

{Revlon Colorstay Polish in Stormy Night}

{Got this Elephant Pendant as a birthday gift from a friend}

{Finally got my hands on a retro red matte lip-- review will be up soon!}

{Usual uniform: Boyfriend jeans from Terranova}

Beauty Review || REVLON Colorstay Pressed Powder

I've been a fan of Revlon for a while now but it was only a few weeks ago that I tried their pressed powder. I didn't do much research prior to purchasing the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder, since I've heard good things from the Colorstay line.
According to Revlon, the Colorstay Pressed Powder is of "Exclusive ColorStay™ jet-milled formula for ultra-fine, lightweight texture helps to minimize shine and creates a fresh, flawless finish that lasts for up to 16 hours over makeup. Lightweight and comfortable, this powder lasts all day without drying or caking." 

Revlon also claims the powder to have the following features:
- Oil-free, non-irritating, and won’t clog pores
- Smooth over makeup, concealer, or bare skin
I was in the market for a lightweight pressed powder that would provide minimal coverage and would combat shine pretty much the entire time I'm in the office (9AM to 7PM). Since I'm acidic, it's important that the powder would not oxidize. And of course, the product shouldn't clog my pores and cause breakouts. 
I got it in Fair, which is the lightest shade just so if it would oxidize it would still match my skin tone. Fortunately though, this powder did not oxidize on my face and the shade still matched my skin tone perfectly. 
The Revlon Colorstay powder is certainly very fine-- just a few swirls of my brush on the pan gets a lot of product. It's so fine in fact that it was so hard to photograph. It just took away the shine on my face. Sadly though, the powder has a chalky finish which makes visible pores and unsightly marks more visible. It kept shine at bay for a maximum of four (4) hours on me-- but what I liked about it is that it kept my concealer in place. If you have great skin, this is a good option for you. If not, this is better off used as a finishing powder. 
I actually like the design of the compact-- I can easily spot it in my bulging (at times...) vanity bag with black lining. Some girls are irked by its bulky design, which is understandable because the pan is meant to be lifted for the compartment for the puff and the mirror. Now this I find weird-- why would you put the mirror under the pan? I keep having a hard time swirling my brush on the pan and then lifting it so I could apply the powder with a mirror. 

+ Milled very fine
+ Does not cake
+ Does not oxidize
+ Does not cause breakouts
+ Can keep shine at bay (not for 16 hours though)
+ Lightweight

- Might be expensive for a pressed powder that might not be up to everyone's liking
- Chalky finish -- can seem obvious that you put powder on (it goes away after an hour though)
- Tendency to highlight visible pores and unsightly marks
- Veeeeeeeeeeery minimal coverage
Will I purchase this again?
I don't think I'll be purchasing the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder again. There are other pressed powders in the market that are better and are at much lower price points. I'm actually in a hurry to finish the product (LOL) so I can buy another one. Again this is better of used as a finishing powder. You can put on a lightweight foundation first then finish off with this one.

The Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder retails for P825 and is available at most Department Stores.

Baby it's Cold Outside

The rainy season has finally come in the Philippines and I am beyond thrilled about it. The summer heat has been unbearable since March and normally it would just last until around late May, but for this year it spilled over to June. I am more than willing and ready to put the clothes I've accumulated over summer (hello numerous shorts, cover-ups and sad little excuses to dress up for daytime) to the very back of my closet, bust out my scarves, and layer again. In anticipation of the rainy (and cooler) season (Thank God), I've started buying a light jacket and some cardigans as early as mid-May. I normally buy outerwear that are not just apt for the rainy season, but can also be worn at work in lieu of a blazer. So jersey jackets are out of the question. Hope you like my picks!

2. ZALORA PU/Jersey Mix Biker Jacket, P1699
3. ZALORA Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, P1999
4. MATERIAL GIRL Crepe Moto Jacket, P1410
5. ZALORA Organza Bomber Jacket, P1499
6. CLN Asuncion Jacket, P999
7. CLN Delroy Jacket, P1499
9. CLN Cruz Jacket, P1125.25

Cold Shoulder

{Bazaar find Off Shoulder Jersey top and Gingham Polo Shirt, Terranova Jeans, Fino Bag, Forever 21 Mary janes}

Been a while since I last posted on the blog! Since I got my Xperia phone I've been taking photos more often but most of them land on my Instagram -- so if you'd like more updates.. follow me on Instagram xx 

I've had this jersey top for a while now but I haven't had the chance to take ootd photos with it until last weekend. Ever since my boyfriend pointed out that he likes off shoulder tops on me (Freshman year, Undergrad), I've made a conscious effort to look for them. Unfortunately they're hard to come by. This jersey top was from a bazaar and I didn't think it would hold up nicely after a few washes-- fortunately it does, though now I regret not buying it in other colors. I've been on the hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans for the longest time too and this pair I got from Terranova is the best. It's not too baggy and not too snug around the hip area. I've had to make adjustments with the length though...

Eyelet x Grid

{Just G top, Bazaar find Shorts, Forever 21 Mary Janes}

Been a while since I last updated the blog! I've been more active on Instagram lately-- so if you have an account do FOLLOW ME. It's been so hot in Manila and the temperature just moves around 33 degress Celsius-- so I've been dressing for comfort most of the time. I've had this eyelet top for more than a year now and I kind of wish I stocked up on eyelet dresses, too. The grid shorts I'm wearing was a purchase on a whim. I was not in the market for shorts but I thought the interesting origami design was pretty cute. 

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