Shopping is Great...

...When it means getting a chance to win a trip to London! Christmas came early at Marks & Spencer, especially for those who were lucky enough to snag prizes from the Marks & Spencer Raffle Draw in cooperation with Philippine Airlines. The lucky winners of the raffle draw got round-trip direct flight tickets to London, with pocket money! This is definitely a highlight of Marks & Spencer's New Loyalty Program. Loyal patrons can also look forward to birthday discounts, exclusive discounts and freebies, personalized shopping services and bonus points!

The mood at the 2nd floor of the Marks & Spencer branch in Greenbelt was certainly very festive with flutes of champagne and flowing yummy food courtesy of Specialty Food Retails, Inc. We also had a wonderful host at the event, Marc Nash, who kept things upbeat and entertaining. He also made me realize that i should insist that the special men in my life consider a navy suit.

The interiors of Marks & Spencer was very festive already, but having the Mandaluyong Children's Choir sing Christmas Carols during the event made me feel that Chistmas really is around the corner. (44 days before Christmas!)

{Picking out the lucky grand prize winners! LOOK AT ALL THOSE RAFFLE TICKETS}

Mr. Nathaniel Caballero, a Marks & Spencer Loyalty Card Member from General Santos City, is the First Prize winner of two (2) round trip tickets on Philippine Airlines Business Class and pocket money of USD 2000! So lucky! Marks & Spencer also gave food hampers to some lucky winners who reached at least PHP 1000 purchase on November 4 and 5, 2015. 

It's good to know that Marks & Spencer also gave back through a special partnership with Children's Hour, which is an organization that invites individuals and other organizations to donate an hour of their earnings to projects that focus on the education, health, nutrition, and protection of kids. 

I had such a fun time at the event, and even though I was not able to do some serious shopping for new additions to my wardrobe (hello cooler December!), I came home with some yummy snacks. Going to the food section in Marks & Spencer is always a must when I'm in the store.

For a headstart on your Christmas Shopping, do visit the Marks & Spencer website. You can also, like the Marks & Spencer Facebook page and follow their Instagram account to know more about their wonderful products.

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Blushing Belle: Benefit's Benetint

It took a while before I bought a bottle of Benetint. I was looking for a blush that would give the most natural flush on my cheeks and Benefit's Benetint came highly recommended. I danced around the idea of getting my bottle of Benetint for a few weeks before I finally gave in. I actually went to Benetint's branches in Greenbelt, Trinoma, Rustan's Makati, SM Mall of Asia before I decided to buy. I've had this for months now, as you could probably tell from the label which is almost coming off already. But I'm barely halfway through it. 


Bottle - I was nervous about this at first because I've had a bunch of beauty products in bottles and sometimes the product would spill. Thankfully, that's not the case with the glass bottle of Benetint.

Applicator - The thin brush applicator is similar to nail polish applicators. I think it's designed that way because you apply the Benetint in lines/stripes on the apples of your cheeks.

How to Apply:

1. Trace 5 short lines on the apples on your cheeks.

2. Veeeeeery gently pat the product on your cheeks until the lines blend together and you get the desired flush on your cheeks. 

I know some people who dislike this because according to them, it does not give the amount of flush it claims. But I think the trick here is to master patting on the product on your cheeks. You have to do it with a very light hand because the product could just stick to your fingers. Practice makes perfect!


+ Gives the most natural flush EVER, once you master the technique of applying it
+ The scent. Oh my goodness the rose scent. If Benefit made a bottle of perfume off of the Benetint scent I'd buy it stat
+ A little goes a long way! The bottle may be small but it has a lot of product in it


- Some might find this pricey at P1600
- Not something you'd use if your skin is not in its best state. I love using this just on top of my tinted moisturizer when I don't have to put powder on
- Application can be quite tricky at first

Will I buy this again?

YEP. Of all the cream and liquid blushes I've tried, this is, hands down, the blush that gives the most natural flush.

B'lue: Live to Feel Stories

A few days ago a big package was delivered to my house. I got home late that day so when I saw this box on my bed, curiosity propelled me to rip it open. Inside was a bottle of B'lue, a water-based drink in Lychee Flavor (!!!) and a book.

I haven't seen the B'lue water-based drink in the market yet so I popped it in the fridge to have it chilled right away. Frankly, I had my reservations on the drink. I love drinking water so I thought, adding flavor to it was not necessary. I love water as it is. But hey, I also love Lychee so those two together might seem like a great idea. Also, the B'lue drink is blended with vitamins, namely: 

B3 - helps lower levels of bad cholesterol
B6 - maintains healthy brain function
B12 - keeps nerves and red blood cells healthy (deficiency of which is reported with symptoms of fatigue)

Once chilled, I tried out the B'lue drink and boy was I surprised. It tastes so good! It tasted like real Lychee juice sans the funky after-taste I've associated with drinks that claim to boost energy. B'lue has no fizz-- it's exactly like water, but made more refreshing with the yummy Lychee flavor. My brother saw me drinking it so naturally, being the big fruit drink aficionado that he is, he had to try it. He loved it, too! 

{How's this for motivation from a drink?}

Ingredients of B'lue:
Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Identical Flavor, Acetic Acid, Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Vitamin Premix (B3, B6, B12)

While waiting for my B'lue drink to get cold, I went through the little book it came with in the package. It's a collection of quotations from students and young professionals which are nothing short of inspiring. 

The layout of the book entices you in-- keeping you reading through each one of the stories contained therein. And I'm obsessed with the doodles. I wanted to share them all here on the blog, but come on-- no one wants a super lengthy and picture-heavy post.

{from Angel Gallego}

This is one of the quotations that I really felt strongly about. I've never been one to travel. Now that I'm in my late 20s it's something that I am striving for now. I may be starting late in the travel game, but that won't deter me from going places. 

The book has sooooo many inspiring stories from people much younger than I am and it's amazing how the book will inspire you to get moving. Coupled with B'lue, the book will push you to start with whatever. To go places you never thought you'd go, to do things you'd never thought you'd try, to fight against perceptions, and to chase your dreams and follow your passion. 

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Home Inspo || Bright & Spacious Scandinavian Apartment

I've shared a number of Home Inspo posts here on the blog and what you'll find in common with all these is that the homes are always very bright-- a striking feature in most Scandinavian apartments that are always so picturesque. This 132 sq.m. Scandinavian apartment I'm sharing on the blog is MASSIVE with 3 bedrooms but I love that the space looks even more spacious because of less clutter-- something that is a must in Manila because most spaces for sale in the market are quite tiny and dust gathers on every surface all day, everyday even if you clean very often. Hope you enjoy this Home Inspo!

Photos are from Click HERE to see more details and photos of this beautiful home.

Black & Gold Brocade

I thought the June showers ushered in cooler weather. It did not-- what it did though, was bring in continuous heat which is sometimes interrupted by crazy strong rains. So rather than put on a sweater to my attire when I leave the house, I have to just bring it with me in case the sky decides to rain real hard late in the afternoon or in the evening. Funny how it tends to pour when most people are leaving in the office-- making traffic worse. 

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Skin Care Review || Nu Skin Philippines ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve slightly cut back on my makeup purchases and splurged more on skin care. My skin is not as easy to maintain compared to when I was in my teens or early twenties. There are lines that won’t seem to go away (!!!) and tiny bumps that appear when I don’t get enough sleep or when I fuss too much at work. Now that I’m nearing my thirties (SAD), I’ve realized it’s better to splurge or invest in my skin rather than makeup. Investing in a smooth and clean base is better than buying the most expensive cover-up out there.

Last week I was invited to the Nu Skin Philippines Expo and was lucky enough to go home with the ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone which is part of Nu Skin’s ageLOC Transformation Set.
According to Nu Skin Philippines, ageLOC™ Gentle Cleanse & Tone is a luxurious foaming cleanser that combines cleansing and toning into a single step. It gently cleanses, purifies, replenishes, and hydrates skin, preparing it to receive advanced anti-aging ingredients. An effective time saver, this dual-action formula helps maintain skin’s natural healthy pH and delivers an infusion of ageLOC™ to the skin, targeting the ultimate sources of aging, while leaving skin feeling refreshed and youthful.”

I’ve tried maaaaaany products that claim to give a more youthful appearance and sure, after using it for a couple of months, I’d notice a change— but not enough to make me stick with it forever. Contrary to most products in the market, the Nu Skin Philippines Gentle Cleanse and Tone delivers it promise ad there’s a noticeable change right away. I’ve been using the product for a week now and it’s amazing how well it works on my skin. My face looks more taut, no usual little bumps caused by stress in the office, and it looks so much brighter even without my weekly routine of exfoliating. What I like about this is that it cuts back on prep time for leaving the house since it aims to combine cleansing and toning in one bottle. I love this product to bits. I was adamant to try it out first since my skin is ridiculously sensitive , but so far no breakouts!

Product Design:

This I really have to stress. Many products I use have a pump that releases more product that necessary—which I hate since it’s a total waste of product. The ageLOC Gentle Cleanse and Tone has a pump that disposes just the right amount of product. Nu Skin Philippines recommends three pumps for washing your face, but in my case two can suffice. 

Key Ingredients:

ageLOC – Nu Skin Philippines Technology that target the ultimate sources of aging
Betaine – retains water thus increases skin hydration
Mild Sufracants and Glycerin – cleans the skin while maintaining the skin’s natural lipid barrier

+ Cleans the skin without leaving it too tight—I’ve noticed many cleansers like this and it causes breakouts for me
+ Nice, gentle scent
+ Cuts short my morning prep time—perfect for those who are always in a rush in the morning
+ Good for sensitive skin

Can't think of any!

For those of you interested in trying out this wonderful product, but still a bit adamant to try out the entire set-- you are in luck! Cleanse and Tone is the only product from the ageLOC Transformation Set that is sold separately. It retails for PhP 3,040.

Nu Skin Philippines ageLOC Galvanic Spa

During the expo I was also given the chance to try the much raved about Galvanic Spa. It claims to restore the skin’s natural vibrancy and to smoothen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I was dubious up until I sat on the chair for procedure and saw the results—and boy was I surprised.

{Before and After the ageLOC Galvanic Spa Procedure—hello brighter complexion)

Not only did it feel like a face massage, it also really brightened up my face and gave it a more sculpted appearance! I was set to meet up with my boyfriend after the Nu Skin Philippines Expo and I was thrilled when he said I was glowing. Yay for Nu Skin Philippines! The Galvanic Spa works hand in hand with the ageLOC Transformation Set so you can just imagine how amazing your face will look and feel when you incorporate this in your skincare routine.

Interested in trying out the Nu Skin Philippines ageLOC Galvanic Spa and Transformation Set? Do head on to for more information. You  can also get in touch with them through their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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