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24 October 2014

Many years ago, I never understood why my Mom would insist we have flowers and indoor plants in the house--she got mad when I would play with the leaves of said plants. I didn't understand why she and my aunts would lose it when they would pass by a store selling plants. And how they would talk non-stop about which plant to put where, what plant they should get, etc. Fast forward to the present though, I've now realized how a vase of blooms and indoor plants can bring life to a home. This home exemplifies just that-- the house is peppered with blooms and little potted plants that complement the white and minimalist interiors. 

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Flouncy Skirt

24 October 2014

{Hanes V-neck T-shirt, Bazaar Find Skirt, Forever 21 T-strap sandals, CMG Bag, Ray-Ban Outdoorsman}

The persistent heat in Manila has reinforced me to just opt for casual and breezy uniform for weekends-- Enter, lots of loose T-shirts and skirts. I got this neoprene skirt from a bazaar many months ago and I love its unconventional material. Most of my skirts are breezy, light-weight cotton or chiffon so neoprene was a welcome change. I love the floral prints on the white background and how the neoprene material really gives the skirt structure. 

Curated Links

23 October 2014

1. Six tacos to try in Manila! My body is ready for the bone marrow and steak taco.

3. I always like seeing Emma Stone on the red carpet because her style is always amazing. Here are some of Emma Stone's best red carpet looks

5. I spend a ridiculous amount of time making my bed in the morning. I can never fold and tuck  it the way they do in hotels. Luckily for me, there's this tutorial for folding corners.

Street Style Crush | Fearne Cotton

22 October 2014

Fearne Cotton's style reminds me of Alexa Chung's. Cotton's style is a little more rock chick and at times quirky-cute but still very relatable. She tends to mix designer and high street pieces and the result is always so interesting and not stiff at all or too made-up. Oh and her hair. It's always amazing. 

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Seven Things

21 October 2014

{art deco-inspired gems}

The weeks leading up to the Holidays are always exciting-- the mood is suddenly festive and there is no shortage of weekend bazaars. I tend to take note of bazaars that I know will be showcasing products that you will not normally see. Just last Sunday my family and I went to the Zonta Club Bazaar in Alabang and it did not disappoint. There were so much nice stuff that will leave you in awe of people's creativity. Sadly I was not able to take photos-- I blame all the food I ate. I have a strong tendency to eat my way through bazaars. Hope you had a great weekend!

{fabric shopping}

{succulent party!}

{new plant I got from the Zonta Club bazaar}

{Fried oreos from Sugar Bandits-- three pieces of fried oreos are topped with vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, your choice of topping and a drizzle of the syrup of your choice}

{cotton balls and pads kept in glass jars make it possible to keep them in plain sight}

{tiny glitter notebook that will be easy to spot in my huge bag-- and will make taking down notes so much cuter}

Denim on Top

20 October 2014

{Department Store find Denim Shirt, Watercolor Skirt, and clutch | Accessorize Sunglasses | Forever 21 Sandals}

It's been pretty sunny on weekends so I've been choosing skirts and shorts over pants. Since the holidays are closely approaching, I think loose and breezy clothes will turn into my uniform on weekends so I won't be tugging and fidgeting when I'm doing my Christmas shopping. 

Leisurely Pace | Low-heeled Sandals

19 October 2014

I go extremes with foot wear-- sky-high stilletos and flat ballet slippers/sandals. Lately though I've noticed an abundance of sandals with a modest block heel. I prefer wearing sandals when I do my Christmas shopping but they're not exactly the most comfortable when you've been hopping from one shop to another. I don't know if that's just me but walking for a long time in really flat shoes make my legs and feet hurt. I'm considering getting a pair of these low-heeled sandals that meld comfort and style-- just before I start with Christmas shopping. Here are some of my picks:

2. Spring Fling Lucy Heeled Sandals in Off-White, P999

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