Monday's Five

09 January 2017

{sugary star pastillas}

Back at starting the week with a collection of photos that caught my eye the previous week! I'm hoping that work will be less stressful (EMPHASIS ON HOPE), or at least I get to manage my time wisely so I can balance work, wedding planning, quality time with loved ones, etc. On another note, we've just gotten our passports back with our visa for Japan xxxxxx so excited for our trip in February xxxxx Any tips for us when we go to Tokyo? It'll still be winter when we visit so I'd like to know how bundled up we'll have to be! I'd appreciate site and restaurant suggestions, too xxx

{this pretty palette}

{still not over dainty gold necklaces}

{frayed jeans are the new distressed jeans? I am dooooooooooown}

{Lariat details}

Skin Savers

06 January 2017

In November 2016, my face became dry and itchy and I blame the cooler weather for this. Drier skin meant I had to switch up my skin care routine for a thicker moisturizer (which my skin quickly absorbs, thank goodness) and a gentle facial mist to spritz throughout the day.

I found out about Avene from my dermatologist since highschool. My skin is extra sensitive and I get red in the face real fast so she told me to try Avene's Thermal Spring Water. Back then the Avene Thermal Spring Water was not available in the Philippines yet and I had to get a tiny bottle from my doctor at a ridiculous price. Fortunately this is now readily available in SM Department Stores. 
I love this. I broke out recently and this saved my skin. I'd spray this on my skin soooo many times a day to make it calm down. This is so gentle and good for the skin in fact, that after I got a laser procedure (I broke out so bad so a laser procedure was necessary towards the end of 2016) this was the only thing my doctor allowed me to put on my face. 
This product is amazing. It makes your face calm down and leaves it brighter.

Still related to my bad breakout, my doctor made me report on the stuff that I put on my face and she basically made me stop using everything I had and recommended I use this. My face loves it. It's great for sensitive skin, it's thicker than my previous gel moisturizer but it's not heavy and my skin absorbs it real quick. Also, SPF! Although my doctor recommends that girls put on facial sunblock even though the moisturizer already has SPF (this may require a separate post). 


04 January 2017

Oh boy. Last time I posted about the wedding was way back August 2016 and now we're on the fourth day of January 2017! 

Forty-four days until we get married and we still have so much stuff to do/finalize... starting with the invites!

Maybe when I get to finalize other details and we get to relax a bit I'll write a post about what to do after you've gotten engaged. As well as a review of our suppliers. x

Happy New Year!

Six Months

22 August 2016

Blogging after a gazillion months! After a grueling campaign (my first foray into campaigning) and after the start of the 17th Congress-- I am back to blogging. Back to working on calligraphy projects.  And, back to wedding planning :)

Just six months left! When my fiance and I got engaged, we agreed to have a long engagement because i wanted to be hands-on with the wedding planning-- I would only contract the services of a coordinator for the Wedding Day itself-- all other details my fiance and I would research and decide on :)

HOWEVER, my penchant for cramming and stalling has crept into wedding planning sooooo after the ghost month, it's crunch time for us to finalize many of what's left on our wedding checklist :)

Wish us luck!!

Sellebrate Summer

31 March 2016

You know it's summer when just after taking a shower you're already sweating bullets. This heat however, is the perfect excuse for a getaway. I'd choose to go to the beach anytime. Lucky for most of you, OLX, the Philippines' #1 buy and sell website gives you the ultimate #NAKSPERIENCE summer promo! OLX gives you a chance to SELLEBRATE Summer with a trip for four to Boracay, Cebu, Palawan (El Nido/ Coron), or Batanes. And in order to shop for the trip, winner will get P100,000 as buying spree on OLX. There will also be a weekly draw of P50,000 for two winners. Excited yet?

Joining the SELLEBRATE promo is easy! It's also open to existing users of OLX and for new ones. Just follow these simple steps:

Make sure that item for sale which you are advertising on OLX is at least P100. Also, don't forget to add #NAKSPERIENCE in the product description. Each ad you post through the OLX Philppines mobile app will earn you one raffle entry. 

No idea what to sell? Here are some that I would advertise on OLX:

{White Sneakers (still in very good condition) because heaven knows I've too many white sneakers already}

{Accessories I no longer use}

{excess calligraphy materials since I have a strong tendency to hoard}

Once you've figured out which items to sell on OLX, take photos (make sure these are of good quality), then post them via the OLX Philippines mobile app. Raffle entries will only be granted if items are posted through the OLX app! Advertise away until April 8, 2016. Then sit back, wait for potential buyers, and plan on where you would like to SELLEBRATE. If I could, I'd return to...

... mainly for sentimental reasons HEE.

The OLX Sellebrate Summer Promo is open only until April 8, 2016 so hurry up and get posting! To find out more details about the contest, and more importantly, to register for entry head over to

This is a Sponsored Post.

Gone Gray

06 January 2016

{Uniqlo Knit Cardigan | Bazaar Find Top | Jag Jeans | Celine Bag | Ray-Ban Outdoorsman | Forever 21 Heels}

Back when I was in elementary, I had a crazy collection of black tops. When you open my closet, you'll see a big black chunk there. Lately though gray is slowly becoming my favorite neutral. Manila weather is crazy hot so dressing up in black during daytime is close to suicide. I like that gray is a perfect balance between black and white. 

Five Things

04 January 2016

{Nude Faves}

Starting off my first post for 2016 with five things that I've grown fond of/caught my eye during my two-week long leave from work. I hope you had a fun New Year's celebration! Happy New Year!

{This song has been on loop on my Spotify}

{Porkchop, my pug, got chubbier over the holidays. She clearly enjoyed the celebrations}

{Closeup of my engagement ring. I'm the ring keeper until one of our future kids decides to get married}

{Brass Necklace bearing coordinates of a place that's very dear to my heart}

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