Capped off Friday with Fried Oreos

30 August 2011

Last Friday, a good friend and I decided to jump start the weekend by having dinner at Flaming Wings in Vito Cruz. We had planned going there since my friend found out they served fried Oreos.

My friend decided to have the Chili Chicken Bowl which looked really good although I think the pictures I took fail to show it.

(Sorry for the poor quality of pictures! I took these with my cellphone's camera)

I was not too hungry so I decided to try their sandwiches. I tried the tuna melt. 

I am not sure what bread they used but it would have been yummy if they heated it. The cheese in the picture looks melted but it was cold and dry; I could barely taste it even! The tuna was not too yummy either. Maybe if the sandwich was served hot, I would've enjoyed it. Potato chips were alright though.

and now, the reason why we went to Flaming Wings...


Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on it! for 70+ bucks, it was well worth it. I was not even able to finish all three Oreos! This is definitely in my list of comfort foodies. :)

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  1. di and i are sooo in love with wicked oreos we plan to make some during sleepovers! :)


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