OLD POST 1 FROM OLD BLOG: Club Balai Isabel 2011/02/21

30 August 2011 Batangas City, Philippines

Last week I dreaded the fact that that particular work week would be 6 1/2-day long. The reason behind that duration was I was tapped as co-facilitator for an office activity. The activity was held at, yep, Club Balai Isabel. I was not able to take pictures of the venue as I was busy working. Anyway, I leeched some pictures from the net.
One of the many pools in Balai Isabel
Club Balai Isabel is perfect for those on the lookout for a break from the corporate world. It is a 1 1/2-drive from the metro and is a really nice place to relax since the place offers a lot of services that you and your family or friends could enjoy.
One of Balai Isabel's Lake-front Villas
One of those services is the trek to the Taal Volcano which I think costs PhP2500 for six persons. Some of those in our group planned on doing that but they missed the 6 am call time because they turned in late the night before. HEEHEE.

For more information on Club Balai Isabel, click HERE.  

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