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30 August 2011

I have an ongoing love affair with nail polish since forever.  Working in a conservative organization has kept that affair under wraps though... But recent (sad) events have prompted me to veer away from my usual choice of clean/dainty choice of nail lacquers.
I forgot the brand and the particular shade of polish for this one though... :( But I got my nails done at Nail to Toe Nail Spa and Waxing, which is just a stone's throw from my place. :)

I am currently crushing on a lot of neon items (like Christopher Kane's Neon Laser-Cut Clutches)-- though I highly doubt that I will have a collection of neon stuff anytime soon as I lack the risqué fashion sense. One neon piece I could not help purchasing though is a gray and neon green top from Forever 21.

Rest assured that I won't be wearing my Forever 21 neon top with my neon orange nails!

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