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30 August 2011

Last night a friend from work and I went to the mall to go shoe shopping. My friend was looking for some black flats for work whereas I was looking for some wedge sandals. I am not much of a stilletos type of girl as I find it hard walking in them-- luckily I found out that wedge gives me the height boost without sacrificing comfort :) Here are some wedge sandals which I have been eying for a while now:
1. Christian Louboutin Panier 120mm Buckle Strap Linen Wedge Sandals in Taupe

2. Christian Louboutin 140mm Miss Cristo Tie Knot Detail Cork Wedges Sandals in Brown


3. Yves Saint Laurent Deuville Canvas Wedge Sandals

4. Yves Saint Laurent Web Wedge Sandals

Anyway, my friend and I went home empty-handed. Going out again sometime this week to look for the perfect pair of wedge sandals!

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