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20 September 2011

I think girls do not lose the little girls inside them. We girls still gush when we see things that remind us of our childhood. To those who like me, have played with paper dolls as kids, you might want to check out Poupée Girl. Oh, Poupée in French means doll. So a rough translation of the site is Doll Girl? :D

Some of you might have noticed my Poupée girl widget already...

and you may have also noticed that it changes everyday!

You can change it daily, and if you do get to complete that for a month, you get ribbons!

What are Ribbons?

Ribbons are the currency in Poupée Girl; with the ribbons you have collected you can buy clothes,


and you can change the appearance of your Poupée girl

How do you get ribbons?

You can get ribbons by uploading pictures of stuff you own like shoes, earrings, scarves, even accessories for your gadgets. You can also get ribbons by going to other members' account and commenting on the stuff they have uploaded.

Some of the stuff I've uploaded

Click HERE for a list of other ways to get ribbons.

Poupée Girl


  1. hello¡¡¡ i love your blog is very cool...
    kisses from Mexico :D

  2. Thank you! :D i love your blog too! ♥♥♥


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