14 October 2011

I came in to work wearing heels during my first few months in my current office. You can just imagine how badly I wanted to remove my shoes and massage my feet at the end of each and every workday. So I then decided to just bring my heels with me to work. As time passed though, I realized that bringing my heels with me to and from work was such a hassle so I just decided to keep some of them in the office.

I did not want my heels to be displayed in shoe boxes for everyone to see so I decided to scout for some storage boxes.

During my first day of hunting I found this foldable storage box from Japan Home Centre

Foldable storage box

instructions are easy enough to follow

the box comes with a handle

There are flaps at each end of the box so you can stack them up. In the picture above though you can only see one flap at the left side

I think this is better than having shoe boxes. They are transparent  so you can easily see which shoes are in the box and they look more organized. 

Thank you Japan Home Centre!


  1. Oh my gosh, THANKS for this post ;p That storage box is so cool and you're right they're better than normal shoe boxes :) I'm gonna get myself lots of them! Japan Home Center right? :)

    Take care! :)


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