16 October 2011

Most of the bloggers I follow were inviting their readers to join raffles for Multiply's Shopping Party. Now I've always joined raffles by bloggers, in parties or wherever and I never win :( Regardless of that, I joined Ms. Nikki Tiu's raffle for said shopping party. So imagine my surprise when while I was checking my mail this morning I got an email that said I WON!!! :) I couldn't believe it so I checked Ms Nikki's post on her blog,  askmewhats.com

screen shot on askmewhats.com
HEE, so happy! :) and the day before I won a headset from Saab Magalona during the Bloggers Congress 2 at DLSU, which I attended with my blog buddy, Thea. Will post about that soon! :D

Ten more winners won 2 tickets for the Multiply Shopping Party and you can check them HERE. THANKS AGAIN TO MS. NIKKI TIU!  

Who else is going to the Multiply Shopping Party? Hope to see you there! 

Source: askmewhats.com

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