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06 October 2011

If there is a project that I would like to work on right now, that would be to have my bedroom redone. My bedroom has white walls with the closet doors breaking the monotony of the room-- they're in mustard and I hate it. My door and all the other furniture such as the bed, desks and cabinets are made from Narra so they're dark brown, bulky and really sturdy. And for that last reason, I doubt that my parents will not allow me to get rid off all those. My dream bedroom would have to be all white.

I live in a tropical country so I can do away with the thick and fluffy blankets and the fluffy white rug. Rooms have to be devoid of tiny trinkets and other objects whose surfaces are hard to clean as stuff gather dust easily.  

Below are some pictures of the room ideas I would like to incorporate into my bedroom. Or in my place in the future!

I cannot make a collage to save my life, so I had help from photovisi

dream study/work desk

Been obsessing over white lately. It's on my nails and starting to get into all my other stuff, too. 

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