White wash

03 October 2011

I am very particular with my nails. I always have nail polish on because  my nails  break easily and I do not have pretty hands so I make them look better with nail polish :P

I have my nails done twice a month and last Saturday I had my nails painted white at my favorite nail place: Nail to Toe Spa and Waxing.

Nail to Toe is a Thai-inspired nail place and it smells so nice. Soothing music plays in the background while you get your nails done in comfy seats. I've noticed a lot of people who come here fall asleep because the place is so relaxing.

Unfortunately taking pictures is not allowed in the premises, but I was able to take a picture of the wallpaper in Nail to Toe before one of the employees caught me :D

From my experiments with nail lacquers I've noticed that brands such as Orly and O.P.I. last long on my nails so I'm partial to those. But for my most recent manicure I tried Etude House's nail polish.

Petit Darling Nails in White
Source: etudehouse.ph

It has only been two days since my manicure and the polish is starting to chip off already :(

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  1. great pictures ! I very like it !

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