Lash Out

08 November 2011

{Black 2 Mascara from Etude House}

I have been using Etude House's Black2 mascara since June of this year and I am close to chucking it out. I've read several beauty articles that you have to get rid of mascara once it's six months old. That is the reason why I refuse to buy mascara that is way too expensive. I forgot how much this mascara costs, but I know it costs less than 500 or $12.

{sad, sleepy eye sans mascara}
{my eye with two or three swipes of mascara on the upper lash}

The difference may not be overtly evident-- but it does the job. I have a few wispy lashes and the mascara gives them the much needed volume needed. It does not lengthen at all, just makes them appear thicker. You might have noticed that the lashes tend to clump together? I think that is due to the wand/applicator. The mascara is a bit heavy, too; if you apply this after you curl your lashes, you will see your lashes droop right away.    

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