18 November 2011

I'm a bit of a slowpoke-- especially in the morning, which is why the night before i would visualize what I would wear to work the following day and what sort of accessories to match it with. My office has a VERY conservative atmosphere and we do not have those casual Fridays. SO, that means we have to keep our accessories to a minimum and they cannot be too flashy. 

I have a gazillion accessories although I have some favorites (which change once in a while). I keep those staples on a tiny ceramic bowl on my dresser so I won't have to go sifting through my box of accessories every morning. 

{current favorites}


  1. all them darlings are soo chic! and yes, i agree with you, we really should plan what to wear the night before the actual day.. but sometimes, the planned outfit the night before don't make it coz we have a change of mind or worst,tinatamad mag-dress up. hahha

  2. haha! I'll have to agree with having second thoughts on the attire and tinatamad magdress-up haha!

  3. More often than not, I put myself to sleep by visualizing how I can style myself in the morning ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog Francesca!


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