A weekend with the boyfriend...

02 November 2011

Was spent in Makati on a fine Saturday afternoon. We spent a considerable amount of time looking for ducks in Greenbelt and found one by a pond....

For around ten minutes we watched as it cleaned itself, waiting for it to get in the water. But it wouldn't so we went around the mall instead...

And decided to have coffee...

Where the boyfriend decided to read what the Central Bank had to say on the unusual credit growth in the country and I forced myself to work on a speech I was slated to deliver for a class a few days after. 

I got tired of working on my speech so I decided to play Fruit Ninja on the boyfriend's phone instead. Boyfriend's interest was piqued, took back his phone and beat me. 

Accepting that I suck at the game, we started walking around again. I have been meaning to try something that caught my attention at another mall in the area so I urged my boyfriend to go to SM Makati to try...

Taclings are bite-sized tacos in a cute crunchy wrapper seen below

Boyfriend holding up the Taclings which fit snuggly in an egg carton

The Taclings look cute, but I can't say that they taste good. In our opinion, the white sauce was too strong (it's similar to what you use on Shawarma), there was not enough ground beef and there were too much tomatoes. But at 50 Pesos, it wasn't so bad :)

Tried carrying one of the pumpkins... It was heavy!!!
Happy Halloween! :)


  1. there's taclings in sm makati?! anobayan! we go to mercato pa for that! hahaha

  2. hahahaha effort much for food! :))))))


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