Seeing Red

08 December 2011

My family follows the tradition of having round fruits on the dining table to ring in the new year. We also go out of our way to wear red or even polka dots as we follow the belief that doing so would make the new year a prosperous one. 

If you look into my color-coordinated closet, you won't find an article of clothing there that's red-- I kind of hate wearing red. So December always means having to hunt for a red top or bottoms for New Year's Eve. 

I don't even think I have ever worn a red dress for our New Year's Eve family get-togethers... BUT I'm considering making a change this year :) 

Here are some of my red dress finds:

Or maybe I should just opt for a romper?

Where to find items:

{Images are from miss-match and}


  1. These dresses look gorgeous. Among all we like the romper. The detail is cute and chic.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. cool blog!!! ;)

  3. i like the second last dress (:


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