2012 Planner

15 January 2012

Late post! Last week was pretty busy so now is the only time I can blog about my planner for this year. I cannot live without a planner-- and I cannot stick with those electronic kinds for fear of something breaking down and losing everything. So I stick with the old pen and paper to keep track of things. 

I was supposed to get a Moleskine planner, but I ended up settling with a Starbucks 2012 Planner instead. 

From November to around the first week of January, people flock to Starbucks to collect the stickers for the much-awaited planners. 

For this year, the planner from Starbucks is much lighter than its predecessors and are made of environment-friendly materials. The covers are made of different kinds of wood and I chose the Spruce variant. Here's a peek: 

{Spruce Cover}

{Each planner comes in a pouch that matches the cover of the planner}

{Monthly view}

The writing space for entries is pretty tiny-- but, meh. Thank goodness for the notes part.

Planners come with coupons!

and a bookmark that i have not seen in a while... Hmmm...

Do you keep a planner? :) 

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