Monday you came too soon again!

02 January 2012

I have been dreading this day-- it's Monday once again and I am back in the office after a week-long leave. The vacation was necessary due to the visit of a family member and I would rather be at home with my family than here behind my ancient office desk. 

Heaven knows how much I need a motivation of sorts to get me through this day. I only had two hours of sleep because sleep only came to me in the wee hours of the morning. What can I say? Vacation suited me. For breakfast I had toast and mint chocolates. Those were still not sufficient to rouse me or cheer me up in the slightest. 

The holiday season has prompted me to think hard on how I will allow my future to play out career-wise. What I have in mind though, is something that is quite impossible-- but only for a short while. 

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