07 March 2012

Cath (a friend from work) and I decided to go to Holly's to try their mint coffee. At that time they had run out of stocks of any variant of coffee that had mint in it-- so after so much time deciding on what drink to try, Cath and I settled for Hollycinos. (comparable to frappucinos). 

Cath opted for the Raspberry Cafe Mocha
And I settled for a Belgian Chocochip Hollycino

The barista told me that my drink was pretty strong; I shrugged it off though as I am a coffee drinker and I like my coffee strong.

The morning after though, I regretted not listening to the barista. The hollycino (bless its sweet name) was indeed strong and I had a really painful bout of hyperacidity the day after! I had to take antacids even days after and I have not had a cup of coffee since then. My coffee withdrawal gives me headaches, but that is better than enduring hyperacidity and taking antacids often!

Holly's, your coffee is good-- but if it'll induce hyperacidity, I'll have to beg off. 

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