06 April 2012

Many experiments with lipsticks have taught me that my lips get dry no matter how often or how thick I put on lip balm before the lipstick. That is why I have long since decided to steer clear of lipsticks for a while.

I have found some new alternatives to that, although my alternatives are a little more... temporary.

I decided to just stick with lip glosses. Sure I may keep applying every so often, but at least my lips don't crack or peel.

This one is my current favorite. Applied sparingly, this tinted lip gloss gives off a shy shade of baby pink. A few swipes however (like in the photo below), will give you a nice pink pop. I bought this for PHP450 (USD10.52) and I am quite sure I will be buying this product again when it runs out.

{Few swipes of Revlon lip gloss in pink pop}

Here's another lip gloss that I like: 

This lip gloss goes on pretty sheer and I don't use this on its own lest I want to look like a corpse. I am pretty pale so I need a hint of color. I've had this with me for a while and I've forgotten how much I bought it for. I think it's less than PHP300 (USD7).

{Few swipes of Etude House Peach Water Gloss}

What I normally do is I pair the Peach Water gloss with my Maybelline tinted lip balm

What I like about this lip balm is that it's highly tinted and it stays on for hours! Unlike other lip balms, this really keeps my lips from chapping. This lip balm costs under PHP200 (USD4.68), I think.

{Maybelline tinted lip balm + Etude House Peach Water Gloss}

The combination is pretty good, right? :star

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