Window Shopping: Tassel Crazy

04 April 2012

I LOVE TASSELS. I have a couple of stuff that have tassels on them. One favorite accessory of mine at the moment is a necklace with purple tassels hanging on it (I'll make a post about that soon).

Lately I have been hounding etsy again for some unique finds and I chanced upon some nice stuff with tassels on them!

I already have a lot of bags and shoes in Camel, but I guess it won't hurt to add another into the mix......

I have seen garlands like this in the other blogs I follow. Normally those garlands would be in pastels, but I like this one a lot because of the punchy colors! <3 I think this could be a great DIY project, too

I can spend hours on etsy! I love looing at all the handmade stuff there--especially the accessories. Hopefully I can create my own wares and sell them on etsy, too!

All  photos here are from etsy.

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