Peplum Princess

03 May 2012

One trend that I am particularly interested in incorporating into my wardrobe is Peplum. I have not seen a lot of people in Manila dressing up in Peplum but I do hope this trend comes here soon! Otherwise, I might resort to having a peplum top, dress or skirt custom-made. 

There are actually two kinds of peplum: Fitted and Flared. You can opt for Fitted if you want the more discreet peplum that can show off your figure. If you'd like the focus to be on your hips though, opt for Flared

Over the months I have seen celebrities sporting this trend. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been seen in Peplum on two royal engagments

And a slew of other celebrities such as...

Kate Bosworth
Emma Watson
Blake Lively
Olivia Palermo

Would you wear Peplum? 

Photos, except for those of the Duchess of Cambridge, are from Pinterest


  1. I love that Olivia Palermo look for school! I actually saw a skirt of this style (thank you for the heads up that it is called peplum!) in Ramp and I immediately gravitated to it!

  2. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :) you did?? I can't find a peplum whatever anywhere! :( which branch of the ramp? :)

  3. The Ramp in g3! I was with Ted when I saw it!:)


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