Rings on my mind

21 May 2012

I love rings so much it's crazy. I think I buy a ring almost every month........ 

Whenever I go online I would end up seeing rings that I would like to get my hands on. One such visit online led me to the collections by Gabriela Artigas. There were a lot of accessories to choose from but of course i made a beeline for the rings collection...

Here are my favorites

I think my fascination with skinny rings is still very apparent. I mentioned in my birthday wishlist post that I want a skinny ring. Well my birthday has come and gone and I still don't have a skinny ring :(  

All photos are from Gabriela Artigas


  1. I like the collar necklace again! I'll think about it first though! The skinny rings are so cute! Where to get them here though??

  2. DIIII! <3 haha okay! :D dibaaaaaa skinny rings are nice! We'll have to order from the US though huuu. Got a call from Vong last week, sama daw sya on our next pig-out!

  3. Have I mentioned that I invited him? As in when he went online in gmail, chinat ko sya but he went offline agad! haha. But yes!!!!! QC trip again???:P But Makati is fine! it's hard to get around in QC e!

  4. haha talaga??? Vongki such a drama queen; hindi daw sya iniinvite! im game anywhere! but I'm partial to Makati hehehehe!


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