22 May 2012

I finally got an envelope clutch bag! And I've been trying very hard not to put so much stuff in it-- which is kind of difficult for me as I bring A LOT with me whenever I go out of the house

I got a new wallet, too

I bought a mint and animal print shawl to add to my growing collection of shawls. I get chilly easily so I always have one in my bag. (not when I'm using my envelope clutch though....)
I bought this tiny notebook to jot down daily expenses to keep track of my finances (and to make me feel guilty when I end up spending too much)
I bought a new this giant ring which my mom thinks looks like an egg
I got a gold ring! It's not skinny but, meh. It's cute.
I got this owl locket  from someone at work 


  1. I want an envelope clutch too. But I don't think it is practical for me so I'm in the market for a huge carryall instead that is formal enough for school/work. hahaha

  2. I'm looking for a huge sturdy bag too! I've broken so many bags back in undergrad for lugging around so many books and school stuff :(


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