Work Space

24 May 2012

I've been considering revamping the work space in my room. Right now, it's just a table with a printer, a laptop,  some books and a slew of other stuff that I have to return to their rightful areas in my room. Basically, it's messy.

My ideal work space...

1. Must have ample table surface for all my clutter. I'm pretty cluttered when I study/work. Piles of books, papers, pens, etc. And oftentimes my work stuff invades my bed. So I need a huuuuuge table for my work space.
2. Work space must be well lit and near a window. I think it's self-explanatory for a work space to be well lit or in an area where natural light can flood in. Working in a dark room with poor lighting will just lull me to sleep rather than work. 
3. My work space, or at least my desk, must be near a wall where I can hang my bulletin boards. I am a sucker for notes and post-its. I have two bulletin boards in my room that I just stick with important reminders, pictures and other mementos. When creative juices are running low I usually look to my bulletin boards for inspiration
4. Must have a comfy chair. Of course this is also self-explanatory. However, I am not a fan of chairs that are too cushioned or squishy. I have had experiences dozing off in comfy chairs while working.


  1. My ideal workspace.... No papers.. no work! Hahaha :D Nice pics friendly! :D

  2. hahahaha! :D friendly! :D thank you! :D


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