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18 June 2012

I was trying to tidy up my jewelry box when I noticed that most of my accessories now are pretty colorful and bright. That is quite a leap from most of my accessories that are mostly in silver or gold. Here are some of my neon/bright accessories on rotation

My most recent accessory purchase: pink tassel earrings <3

On another note, I found some candy that I have not had since 2000/2001-ish: Cherry strings!

Back when my best friend and I were in 7th grade, we would stock up on these licorice strings before we saw a movie! I love this candy. Too bad that I have to go north of the metro to buy my stash of cherry strings.


  1. I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch ;)

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  2. Wow! Awesome jewellery! The pink tassel earrings are gorgeous!


    1. thanks for dropping by! xx following you on bloglovin! xx

  3. I like candy but I can't stand for sour candy.. It's nice though but I still can't stand it :p
    But if it's sweet I would really love it :)

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  4. Awesome post love photos, you have a great blog!!


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