Majolica Majorca

03 June 2012

I've been interested in Majolica Majorca products since the brand arrived in the Philippines, but I had my reservations becuase they seemed a tad bit overpriced.

As it turns out, Majolica Majorca is a sister company of Shiseido and the latter aims to appeal to a much younger audience. I've read countless good reviews on Shiseido products so I had high expectations for its sister company.

Over the weekend I bought two Majolica Majorca products

{A glittery pink gloss and hot pink nail polish}

This glittery pink gloss looks pigmented but it really isn't. You'll like this if you opt for the nude lips look. I tried this with my Etude House Color me Nude Lip Concealer and the effect was pretty nice. 

The glitters are pretty fine so there's no fear of having extremely shiny, glittery lips

Using this Speedy and Glossy nail polish at the moment

Here you can see one coat of the nail polish. It's really pigmented so if you don't want crazy pink nails, one coat will suffice. What I like about this product too is that it dries fast. Hopefully it won't chip off easily!

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