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23 October 2012

I've toned down on necklaces and I've now diverted my attention to bracelets!!

Here are some of the accessories that I have been using a lot lately

Arm Party: Digital Casio Watch, Woven felt and rhinestone bracelets, gold links bracelet and blue string and gold ballchain bracelet (last two are from Bedazzle Accessories)

I've been using these bracelets even at work. No one seems to mind anyway, LOL

I bought this brass cuff for cheap! It was priced at 60 pesos (roughly 1.45 USD). I've been looking for a thick cuff for a long time and most of those that I've seen were way to big for my wrist. Lucky I found this one at such a great price :)

Neon bracelets! Which I dare not wear at the office. 

I still cannot keep myself from buying rings. Here are three of my most recent buys: triangle ring, leather ring with spikes and a gold connector ring.

I used to hate tiny bags because I would not be able to fit in my whole life in them. But this one is just too cute to pass up because of its aztec print. BUT this tiny bag can actually carry A LOT of stuff. even my foldable umbrella!

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