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03 January 2013

In a span of less than a month i managed to grow a bit of a collection of pink lipsticks. It started with Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon and now I have 6 tubes of varying shades of pink. Addiction went on overdrive!

Here it is... My growing collection of pink lippies

(top, L-R: Revlon Super Lustrous Pink in the Afternoon, NYX Louisiana, NYX Tea Rose; 
bottom, L-R: MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Chatterbox, MAC Please Me)

Revlon Super Lustrous Pink in the Afternoon: this would be a perfect everyday lipstick, if only it isn't too drying. I've used the most moisturizig of lip balms for this but it still makes my lips dry. It's a very flattering shade though.

NYX Louisiana: this is a pretty shocking shade of pink. What i do is I mix this with NYX Tea Rose to tone down the color a bit. My lips don't get chapped when I use this but the color doesn't stay on long.

NYX Tea Rose: this can be considered a dupe for Revlon's Pink in thr Afternoon--though it's not as pink as the latter. And as with most NYX lipsticks that I've tried, the color does not stay on long on my lips.

MAC lipsticks are by far my favorite because the colors stay on long, they are not drying and they smell amazing!

MAC Pink Nouveau (Satin) : this is a nice shade of pink and it photographs well. However in certain lighting it can look a bit lavender-ish. So best used with a lip concealer.

MAC Chatterbox (Amplified): This is a really pretty shade of pink that i often wear on days when I'm out of the office because it can be too bright for the conservative atmosphere at work.

MAC Please Me (Matte) : this is my favorite lipstick ever!!! It's similar to Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon so it's perfect for everyday use. And even though it's matte it doesn't make my lips dry and the color stays on for a loooong time.

God bless the people behind the MAC please me. Please do  not cease production of that shade.

I'm now on the lookout for peach-y pink shades. Any recommendations?

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