The week that was

04 January 2013

Here is the past week summed up in a few pictures:

{good food, great company}

A day before NYE I went around running errands with my brother. Despite our 10-year gap I love that we get along pretty well.

{gold cap toe shoes from cole vintage}

{Back to work, back in black}

I don't know why but most of my work clothes are in black! Those cute leopard-print shoes I have on are actually higher than most of the pumps I wear to work. I'm still a bit wobbly in them but what the heck they make me look taller.

{Colored Pens from Thea! <3 p="p">

I've started using these already to spiffy up my plain planner for 2013. :) penciled in are the holidays for this year HAHA

{2013 is the year to take saving seriously!}

This cute coin bank is from my good friend, Shanana! <3 p="p">

{always game for glitter}

One of the things my mom and I enjoy doing together is having our nails done. My Mom and I ended up picking the exact same shade of nude on our most recent visit to our fave nail place. Mom passed up on the glitter, of course.


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