Window Shopping: Etsy

18 January 2013

If there are two sites that I could visit everyday, those would be pinterest and Etsy. These two sites are amazing for picking inspiration on what to blog about and for scouting for future DIY projects.. and of course, shopping ;)

1. Washi Tapes from The Sewing Post
2. Raw Diamond set in an 18K gold ring from 24K Gallery
3. Geode Necklace from Anatomi
4. Vintage-looking Satchel from Leftover Studio
5. Star Bangle from Design Sea


  1. Shopping on Etsy is so addictive! Love the patterned sticky tape <3

    1. It is! :D Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love your blog btw! :D following you on bloglovin! xx

  2. I agree, Pinterest and etsy are great for providing inspiration! I love the vintage looking satchel! :)

    1. I've been trying to look for a vintage looking satchel since forever! I'm glad I finally found one on etsy :) thanks for visiting, Hannah! :D


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