Chained Gems

27 February 2013

I love how chain bracelets can spruce up outfits but I like adding a little sparkle every once in a while. I saw this tutorial on Swellmayde and I thought I'd do my own version of combining the edgy chunky chain bracelet with some gemstones I recently got.
You will need:
- gem stones
- chain
- connector rings
- lobster locks
- pliers
1. Get your chain to get the right measurement for your wrist. Make it a link or two shorter because you will still be adding a gem stone and the lobster lock.
2. Get your gem stone and attach the connector rings.
3. Attach the gem stones to the chain with your wrist's measurement.
4. Unhinge a link from the bracelet to put in the lobster lock.
5. Attach the lobster lock. You can opt to add a connector ring to the other end of the chain which the lobster lock will attach to.
If you would opt to layer it like I do, try using other sizes and tones of the chain and make use of other gem stones as well. If you would like to use this with other metallic bracelets and don't know how to, check out my guide for mixing metals HERE.


  1. Another beautiful DIY post! Love all your ideas :D
    These bracelets are so pretty.

    - Celine

    1. Aww thank you so much, Celine! ♥♥♥

  2. Stunning post!
    I wait for you fo NEW EASTER POST!!
    Follow me that i follow you!

    Kisses from Rome

  3. where do you buy the materials sis? I'd like to create my own! Thanks!

    ~ Leah @

    1. Hi Leah! :D I get most of my materials from :)


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