DIY | Glitter-rimmed Votive and Pen Holder

19 February 2013

We have an abundance of stout vases and mason jars at home so rather than keeping them stored in our cupboard, I thought I'd use some of them to spruce up my desks at home and at work.
Get a tray or low dish and put your choice of glitter in it. This is where you will be dipping your votive and pen holder later on. Make sure that you have old newspapers or scratch papers on your work area to keep it clean from glitters!

- glitter votive -
With your paint brush line the rim of your vase/mason jar with glue. You can let the glue seep down the exterior if you want an uneven glitter look.
Dip that onto the tray with glitter. Make sure to scatter glitter on the top part of the exterior as well.
Clean it and set it aside for a while as it dries

- pen holder -
Paint the top part of the jar with glue.
Dip it in your tray with glitter
Sprinkle glitter all around the top part of the jar to make sure that you cover the entire neck with glitters
Wipe off the excess glitter and glue
Set those aside for a while...
Once the glitters and glue have dried up, seal the glitter in with a small amount of glue. Be careful not to put too much or else the sheen of the glitters will be covered with thick, hardened glue. Then set those aside again to allow them to dry.
Hope you like this tutorial!


  1. Such a cute idea, and so easy. Love it.

  2. Great idea hun. It will come in handy!!

  3. I absolutely love this! Nice and simple instructions. Thanks for posting, I'll have to try this soon!

    - Celine

    1. Thanks for the feedback on the instructions, Celine! :) i was a bit worried about that :))


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