DIY | Linked Hearts Bracelet

12 February 2013

Just a few more days until Valentine's! So I give you another valentine's-themed tutorial 
Get your wire and cut two pieces of the same length. I used 3 inches of gold wire.
Get one of the wires and fold it in half. Use your pliers to firmly press together the folded part.
And now to create the heart, get one end of the folded wire and using your pliers pull it inwards to make it curl.
Get the other end of the wire and do the same.
Do the same with your other wire
Open up one of the hearts a bit and link it with the other.
Get your chain and measure the appropriate length for your wrist. Make sure to consider the length of the linked hearts and also the lock for the bracelet so don't keep it loose.
Cut your chain into 2. One chain will have the gold ring on one end.
And the other end will be attached to the hearts that you've linked
For the other wire you'll put the lobster lock on one end, and attach the other end to the linked hearts so you'll end up with something like the one in the photo above.


  1. This is so cute! Really creative :)

    - Celine

  2. Very cute. I especially love your nails though!

  3. Really cute and perfect for V-day!


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