Mixing Metals

10 February 2013

Layering bracelets can be quite tricky-- you want to make them look put together, rather than making people think that you just put on every bracelet you could find.
First thing that you should do is to consider what particular bracelet/bangle/cuff you would want as your  focal point-- from there you will pile on other bracelets. Since I find myself not completely dressed without a watch, I often use that as my focal point for layering on bracelets.
When layering on bracelets, I make sure that at least two of those on my wrist have the same tone. In this case I chose to wear this gold pyramids bracelet that has a very similar tone of gold with my watch.
Make sure you put on some skinny bangles or bracelets, too. Having all chunky metals on your wrist would seem as if you really did just pile on all the bracelets that you have.
Gold watch, Timex | gold pyramids bracelet, bedazzle accessories | skinny bangle in antique gold, bazaar | rose gold chain bracelet, forever 21

Experiment with different textures and different tones of the metal you will opt to wear. Don't be afraid to mix your standard gold with antique or rose gold. It will break the monotony on  your wrist without breaking the coherence.

Things to consider:

1. Focal Point. You should have one-- and it helps that it's a bit chunky because this will be the central "theme" in layering on bracelets and it will tie everything up nicely.

2. Mix sizes. Don't wear two cuffs on one arm. If your focal point is chunky, make sure that the other bracelets that you will put on are of varying sizes.

3. Mix textures. Throw in a nice simple bangle, along with some bracelet with rhinestones or a bangle with spikes.

4. Mix tones. From this guide you may have noticed that though my focal point is just the normal tone of gold, I went with other tones. I used antique gold and even rose gold. A little variety keeps things interesting.


  1. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing :D

    - Celine

  2. Lovely :) Especially love the rose gold bracelet!

    Tasha xx

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Renee! :D thank you! i love your blog <3


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