Sparkly Heart

05 February 2013

This nail polish idea (which I got from might be a first in the series of Valentine's day-themed tutorials here on Primp & Paper 

1. Paint your nails red and wait for it to dry.
2. Get your washi tape and cut a portion that will be long enough to wrap a finger with.
3. Fold you washi tape in half. This is what you'll use for your heart cut-out.
4. Draw half a heart on the folded part of your tape. You can opt to cut directly... but if you're not too scissors-savvy as I am, you might want to do this, too :D Make sure that the heart you'll create is big enough to be seen but not too big that it won't fit your fingernail.
5. Cut along the lines...
and there you have your heart cut-out.
6. Put the heart cut-out on your nail (I chose my ring finger only because that's where I wear the rings my boyfriend gave me). Fill in the cut with gold metallic polish.

I filled in the cut with metallic polish first because the gold glitter polish I have has sparse gold glitters and wouldn't be able to fill in the hear cut-out completely. But if you have gold glitter polish that goes on thick, you can opt to do away with this step :)
7. Make sure to cover the cut completely and wait for it to dry before you put on the glitter polish.
8. Lastly, apply your gold glitter polish and wait for it to dry before applying a top coat.


  1. Great idea. I might be doing a post inspired by this...

    1. Thank you, Rachael! :D let me know how your nail polish tutorial goes! xx

  2. Ah! I haven't I ever thought of this! Such a great idea!!
    xo jess

  3. This is so cute! I've always wondered how to do love heart shapes :D thanks for posting!

    - Celine

    1. Thank you, Celine! :) and you're welcome! ♡

  4. Super cool idea...I love glitter

    1. thank you, Mezay! :) I'm crazy about glitter, too ♡♡

  5. Yay I saw this on the beauty dept and really wanted to try it! it looks great! xo


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