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11 February 2013

I bought a new bag again-- still with a hint of blush which I find to be quite neutral and can be easily matched with most clothes I own.
Giving the classic red polish a twist-- with a good sprinkle of glitter. You can check out my glitter crescent nails tutorial HERE
Loving the chain on chain necklace lately! The short chain necklace is from Forever 21, the long chain one is another DIY project
The best magazine cover I've come across: Betty & Veronica on the February 2013 issue of Mega Philippines


  1. Love the bag and nails!

    - Celine

  2. Awesome bag (where did you get it???) and I LOVE the nails! I tried a crescent moon manicure once too, using a circle sticker to paint. It took a while but the effort was worth it!



    1. thank you so much! :D i got it from a local brand in the Philippines! :) great idea to use a circle sticker! I think the crescent would look much better if you use that-- esp if you aren't used to doing the crescent moon nails yet! :)


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