Dare to wear orange

16 March 2013

If you would ask me a few years back if I would dare wear orange on my lips I would tell you no at point blank. But I learned from a very witty woman that you can wear practically every color for makeup, clothes and shoes--as long as you pick the right shade. And so I began to open my mind to wearing lip colors that I swore not to wear. One of them being orange.
I love Etude House lip products because I have yet to buy one that did not work well for me. Plus the packaging makes them too irresistible. So for trying out an orange lip color, I went with Etude House's Dear My Milky Gloss in Papaya Latte. As you can see from the swatch above, it's not your typical gloss that does not have much color.
It's really creamy and very pigmented. Highly recommended for those in the market for a glossy orange lip color. Since i got this Dear My milky Gloss in Papaya Latte I've tried mixing it with other products (see photo above). It complemented my Revlon Smoked Peach and the orange of the lip gloss was really brought out when I used it with my Revlon balm stain in Charm.

+ very pigmented
+ gives a long-lasting color and sheen on your lips
+ good for everyday wear with groomed brows and emphasized eyes
+ Dear My Milky Gloss has a number of other variants

- This particular shade may not complement all skin tones
- those who do not want the thick glossy feeling should steer clear of this. It's extremely creamy which might feel a bit heavy and thick on the lips.

The Etude House Dear My Milky Glosses retails for PhP348 (roughly USD 8).


  1. Great review! It can definitely take some time to get used to wearing bold shades, but once you get the colour right it can look amazing!

    - Celine

    1. thank you, Celine! :D yeah, it does take some time to adjust to wearing bold shades and it really helps if you pick the right one for you!

  2. i think orange is a hard shade to wear.. i am really fair myself but i think orange looks so bad on me :/

    read my latest post :)

    1. Hi Annick! :) I know what you mean! orange is a bit tricky... but you just have to do a bit of research on picking the right shade of orange! the perfect shade will brighten up your face, trust me!

  3. I use to wear orange lipstick all the time, it's fun!

    Ali of


    1. It's my fave lip color as of late! :)


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