DIY Glitter Desk Decor

28 March 2013

Most of my office supplies are quite minimalist in nature and so my work desk at home can be quite stiff so I thought I'd make something that will brighten up my desk a bit. The punch of color and sparkle is definitely a welcome change!
What you'll need:
- a small canvas
- pencil
- paint brush
- glue
- glitter
- paint
- tape
Make chevron prints on your canvas. As I was not too sure I'd be able to make the perfect chevron pattern, I had a print out of a chevron and traced it onto the canvas.
Cover the canvas patterns with tape and then put glue on the bare parts of the canvas.
Sprinkle a good amount of glitter onto the parts of the canvas with glue then set that aside for a few hours.
Once the glitter and glue have dried up, you can slowly peel off the tape.

Paint the bare parts of the canvas with your chosen color of paint.
You can either hang that on your wall or prop your glittery decor on a photo holder.


  1. Such a cute DIY. I will try this by next weekend :)

    Maria Speaks Prada

    1. Thank you, Maria! :) Let me know how it goes for you :)

  2. This is so pretty, pink and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations!


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