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25 March 2013

1. Before I become enamored with the Grumpy Cat, my heart was captivated by Maru-- a chubby cat from Japan that has a thing for boxes.

2. If I were to leave the house wearing a single accessory, I would wear a ring this beautiful druzy ring.

3. A simple recipe for making the perfect summer cooler.

4. Because you can never have too many books -- yes, even those on decorating.

5. There's a (relatively) new coffee place in the South that I'm raring to visit.

6. This beautiful work by Valerie Chua is just one of the many reasons why I want to take up watercolor painting lessons.


  1. That cat is adorable! Lovely post :)

    1. He is incredibly cute, isn't he? :D I'm glad you like the post, Celine! :)


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