The Week that Was

11 March 2013

I bought this cupcake holder from Regalong Pambahay as another ornament for my dresser. At the moment it houses a shell I painted gold.
I love pillows and I find it extremely difficult to part with pillows I've gotten over the years. But since I've been updating the look of my bedroom and since summer is almost here, I thought I'd chuck my mismatched pillows and adorn my bed with these corals inspired throw pillows from Kultura
Might be a bit late in the game to join the imadeface app bandwagon, but the Roy Lichtenstein effect is just too hard to resist. Here's a Lichtenstein version of me!


  1. Those pillows are really cute! Sounds like a good week :D

    - Celine

    1. Hi Celine! :D yeah it was! :D i hope you had a good one, too! :D

  2. Super cute "imadeface!" Those pillows are so pretty, too.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. thank you, Kate! :D thank you for visiting my blog! :D


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