The Week that Was

22 March 2013

In spite of having a few gadgets at my dispense to take down notes and keep track of things, I prefer writing things down on paper. I always get paranoid that one of my gadgets will conk out and permanently delete the notes I've put in it so I prefer to stick with the permanency that the old pen and paper can offer. I got this cute, personalized notebook Print Cafe to take note of blog inspiration and ideas and reminders.
Summer is officially here and that calls for a new set of nail polish in punchy and sparkly colors!
(I used this new set of polishes in my Glitter Ombre Tutorial)
I always welcome the opportunity of shopping for school/office supplies so on my most recent trip to the mall I made sure to drop by Muji for their minimalist and no-nonsense supplies.
Here's a teaser of something I'll be posting about soon. Get ready for another DIY project!


  1. I love using pen and paper too, I feel a lot more organised that way!
    This new DIY project looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it :)

    - Celine

    1. Yeah i find that stuff get more organized with pen and paper! I'm glad you're looking forward to the project! :D


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