The Week that Was

24 March 2013

I love having flowers and plants in our home. I tried desperately to take care of a small plant and to grow a chili plant-- I failed miserably in both. Luckily though, I came across Miura Hydroculture plants which are a lot easier to take care of--yes, even for those like me who have hands that cannot seem to keep plants alive. These tiny plants thrive and proudly sit on my work desk at home.
My search for a new office chair has finally ended! This chair which shows a map of Manila and Makati City is from Dimensione.
I've found the perfect shade of blue polish that's perfect for summer at The Face Shop.
Something I had to keep in mind over the week while I worked on the final requirements of my first year in graduate school!


  1. I love your nails, so pretty!


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