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09 April 2013

If you're in the market for a light-weight concealer for the dark circles under your eyes, you might want to consider this: Garnier's BB Eye Roll-on.
This BB Cream eye roll-on comes in two shades only: Light and Natural/Medium. For my skintone I settled for Natural which (thankfully) blended with my skin.

Those of you who have tried the Garnier Anti-dark circles Eye-roll on in the past will be pleasantly surprised that this BB roll-on has a slight cooling effect, too! However, I've been trying this for a week now and I have yet to see the circles under my eyes fade or lighten.
When I first tried this out I applied this over the entire bottom area of both eyes-- which was wrong since this dispenses a lot! What you can do is to dab, dab, dab under your eyes then blend with a clean finger. It blends easily and as opposed to some other BB Creams out there, this BB eye cream does not leave an ashen look-- it really brightens up the eyes, I swear.
As you can see, this product does not go on too thick-- but in my case, it certainly covered the dark circles under my eyes. It goes on light so it did not seep into the fine lines under my eyes. This product is really good for it's price-- just don't expect it to banish all your eye-woes!

          THE ROUNDUP:          

+ can certainly illuminate the under-eye area
+ the product does not go on too thick and leaves a moisturizing feeling under the eyes
+ does not settle into the fine lines under the eyes
+ made me look refreshed (I kid you not!)

- just comes in two shades-- which some might find limiting
- not a cure for the bags and dark circles under the eyes-- acts merely as a concealer

Will I buy this again?
DEFINITELY. I've experimented on LOADS of concealers to cover up the dark circles under my eyes and none of those have worked as well as this product has. Most of those I've tried in the past would settle into the fine lines under my eyes just hours after application. I've heard a lot of good things about BB Creams and the light-weight coverage they offer so good job Garnier for coming up with a BB Cream eye product.

I really hope Garnier does not cease production on this amazing product.


  1. I have problems with dark circles under my eyes too, might have to give this product a try! Thanks for the review :)


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