Hello, April!

02 April 2013

It is now officially summer here in the Philippines and that means it's getting hot, hot, hot (the temp today was 33C)! Summer also signals a possibly drastic change of wardrobe and many offerings for summer classes for those who want to tap on their creative side. As for me, I've made a resolution/list of sorts as to what I intend to do this month :)

Armada Sport Sunblock from VMV Hypoallergenics
Pastel Polishes from Orly's Permanent Collection
Tangerine Bikini from I love Koi
Beautiful Calligraphy Print from Heima
Breezy trapeze top from Forever 21


  1. Calligraphy workshop sounds great. I love the motivation you are offering here.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. thank you, Kate! :D sadly i wasn't able to get a slot for any of the calligraphy workshops offered this month. keeping my fingers crossed for another round of calligraphy workshops!

  2. Cute ideas! I love that bikini :)



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