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15 April 2013

1. The winged eyeliner is one of my favorite ways to play up the eyes. For those of you who are not quite adept with it yet, Beauty Department has made an easy guide to making the perfect cat eye look.

2. I've tried maaaaaany red velvet cupcakes but my heart will always belong to the red velvet cupcake of the Cupcake Boutique.

3. A pair of Ombre denim cut-offs is a staple for summer!

4. Lavender scent for my linens, check. Lavender soap for nighttime bath, check. Lavender with hot chocolate...wait, what?

5. A new DIY project is in order! Why not try making an iPad sleeve that could double as a clutch?

6. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day-- and it's about time that I perfect making the healthy alternative to sunny side-up eggs: Poached eggs.


  1. Lovely post! That Beauty Department winged eyeliner guide is so helpful :D

    1. thanks Celine! :D I'm glad you found the guide useful, too! :D

  2. Red velvet cupcakes are hands down my FAVE.

  3. I totally needed that cat eye tutorial... I'm the worst at it!

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. Oh so am i. I love doing the cat eye but I'm pretty bad at doing it! It takes me forever to make a decent cat eye!


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