Get (your skin) Hydrated!

07 April 2013

Summer is in full swing in Manila which is why there is a need for me to reconsider the type of facial moisturizer to use. Many of us tend to find a moisturizer that we will patronize for as long as it delivers but studies have shown that it is nice to switch things up a bit sometimes in order to prevent the skin from getting immune to the product. 

You can opt to switch up your moisturizer to suit the climate or the season.

Summer is no excuse to moisturize your skin no matter how much you want to keep your skin bare because of the heat. What you can do is to opt for a light-weight moisturizer. Preferably a gel-based moisturizer like Cetaphil since gel moisturizers leave a cool effect on your skin.

Cooler climates make your skin dry and so that calls for a thicker, cream-based moisturizer like St. Ives' Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer.

Keep an eye out for:
Glyrcerin. This ingredient is a must for facial moisturizers because it acts as a humectant-- it helps retain water in your skin.

Hypo-allergenic. This is to ensure that the product is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions on your face.

Non-comedogenic. A moisturizer that is non-comedogenic will not clog your pores, thus eliminating the possibility of bacteria being trapped in your pores which could lead to possible breakouts.

Avoid, Avoid:
Moisturizers with perfume that can cause your skin to break out rather than keep it hydrated.

Also, keep in mind that the less ingredients your moisturizer has, the better it is for your skin.


  1. Thanks for this breakdown! I am always looking for good products for my sensitive skin.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. thanks for the tips!

    xo Sarvin

    1. you are most welcome, Sarvin! :)

  3. I also started sticking to non-foaming cleansers this summer (except when I was going through samples). I feel like I've focused so much on putting on moisturizer that I forgot one important thing -- don't strip my skin of oil.

    1. i agree with you to keep in mind not to strip your skin of oil. I made that mistake once and it resulted in me breaking out!


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