Styling Shelves

26 May 2013

I recently had some shelves installed in my room to accommodate my growing book collection. Now I don't claim to be well - versed in interior design, but here are some tips to make your shelves functional and stylish. I've designed these new shelves so they can double as a three-dimensional mood board for blogging and all my other creative ventures.
New shelves!
1. Scatter the books or magazines. Your books or magazines need not to be all aligned in one part of the shelf. Scatter them but make sure there is some coherence to the grouping. What I've done for my shelves is to separate my graduate school books from magazines, to "leisure reading" books and so on.
2. Embellish. Put some accents on your shelf. Just because the shelves are mainly for books does not mean you cannot put some unconventional decor on it. From my dresser I "borrowed" a few elements such as my necklace and bracelet holders.
3. Unconventional bookends. Rather than using those tacky bookends to keep your books up, why not use something that also doubles as an interesting decor? For the books that I've propped up, I used a heavy glass cupcake holder and a box that housed little knickknacks for my DIY projects. And since the shelves are by the window which the morning sunlight hits, I've placed a small plant there.
4. Inspiration. Display photos and some details that could be a great conversation starter (if the shelves will be in an area that visitors could venture into) or could also be an inspiration board of sorts (if it will be in your office/study or bedroom). For my shelves I've chosen to display some clutches that my Mom got when she was a kid and a glass display showing some accessories.


  1. Great idea. I have a similar setup in my kitchen and it never crossed my mind to spruce it up a little bit.

    1. Hi Rae! :) thank you :) it would be interesting to spruce up kitchen shelves! let me know how it goes for you! :)


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