30 August 2013

Primp and paper turns two today! I can't believe that it has already been two years since I started the blog. I started blogging because I felt the need to have a creative outlet in life. If you've been following my blog for quite some time now you may have noticed that there was a time when I would blog every single day and that propelled me to find inspiration in practically anything.

I may have had long absences from blogging but that never meant I stopped finding inspiration--I have jotted down all sorts of inspiration and blog ideas in my notebook and gradually I am putting all those ideas up online.

Now I know that resolutions are more conventionally reserved for ringing in the New Year, but I thought that since it is primp and paper's blog anniversary, I might as well have a blog resolution.

I have had posts in the past promising to blog more often, and yet again I find myself saying to do just that. I can't promise to blog on a daily basis but I will do so more often now. No more week-long absences!

Thank you for the readers who take time out to view my blog and leave comments in my post. I value those comments because each validates the creative outlet I have chosen to invest in and inspires me to keep primp and paper delivering quality posts.

Thank you!


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