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19 August 2013

{cutest pad from Rina Design for those who love making lists}
{hooked on gold ink!}
{the best way to store nibs--an acrylic case with proper labels}
{calligraphed this beautiful haiku by Tyler Knott Gregson}

To say that I have not blogged in a while is an understatement. In a span of a month my life has changed so drastically. In two weeks' time I've gotten a new job which I am incredibly thankful for. The changes in my life have pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am pretty thrilled for all new adventures in store for  me.


  1. Georgeous words and nice pics! I have just discover your blog and I like it very much, do you want to follow each other?
    I´m starting to post daily and I would love to know your opinion, this is mine:

    Best Regards!

    1. Hi Ana! :) I'm glad you like the blog! checked out your blog, too. Following you now via bloglovin!

  2. Love the gold-on-blue color combo of your second and third photo! ^_^

    "Elephants never forget." I think that's why Evernote's logo is an elephant, if I remember correctly. ;)

    1. Glad you liked it, Nathalie! :) and thanks for that info on elephants and Evernote! ;)


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