Beauty Review: Bobbi Brown's Tulle Lip Color

08 September 2013

I've recently gotten tired of sporting a pink lip and thought I'd try a more natural look. Though I love MAC lipsticks, I thought I'd give Bobbi Brown lip colors a try.
I actually wanted to try Sandwash Pink which according to Bobbi Brown is a beige pink. When I tried it on however, it washed me out.
So I tried Tulle which is a tad bit darker than Sandwash Pink. Bobbi Brown describes Tulle as a soft pink,  and on me it's a perfect complement to my natural lip color.

+ It's incredibly creamy and pigmented.
+ It won't dry your lips! This is one thing I love so much about this product. I have crazy chapped lips and no lipstick has worked as well as this one on me.
+ This shade is perfect for you if you're in the market for a natural lip color.

- For those of you who are used to the smell of MAC lipsticks, you might find the smell of the lip color weird. It's a far cry from MAC's vanilla scent.
- It's a bit pricey. It retails for P1300 in the Philippines (USD25)
- It does not last long. I tried drinking a cup of coffee, it stayed on. After having a meal however, it left a faint stain on my lips.

Will I buy this product again?
DEFINITELY. This is a must-have lip product for girls out there whose lips are incredibly dry. This product goes on smoothly after a swipe of lip balm. Don't let the light color fool you, Bobbi Brown lip colors are crazy pigmented. It's pricier than my usual go-to lip products, but it's well worth it. :) 


  1. It's definitely your my lips but better color! So pretty ;)

  2. Perfect nude color! I love it.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. Thanks for the review, I tried this colour on the weekend and loved it. I want to get this shade for my wedding, do you prefer is over Mac lipsticks? I want something long lasting. Thanks!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  4. Hi Hanh! congratulations! xx I really prefer Bobbi Brown over MAC! they're not as drying and are more long lasting :)

    Best wishes!! x

  5. Thank you so much! yay will pick up the BB lippie :)



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